Panasonic TX32LZD80

Panasonic TX32LZD80 Front View

Panasonic TX32LZD80

Why must you be careful buying a Panasonic TX32LZD80? Simply because there are such large price differences on the same model especially on the high street - why pay more for the same product !

Panasonic LCDs have been rightfully top of the pile for some time now. They are beautifully made and packed with the latest technology - the LZD80 series looks like it will continue this astounding success.

The 32" model - the Panasonic TX32LZD80 feature lots of innovative features including an ambient light sensor, an SD slot (extremely useful for viewing your photos) and all the slots and sockets todays technology requires. There are 3 HDMI sockets (yes 3!) plus two scart sockets for older connectors also connectors to allow you to add a home cinema or hifi setup.

Included in the Panasonic TX32LZD80 is the same digital processing system which provided such stunning results for panasonics LZ70 range last year. The native resolution is the highest yet for a Panasonic 32"LCD - 1920 x 1080




Panasonic TX32LZD80 Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 83 x 58 x 23
  • Panel resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • High Definition ready
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 10000:1
  • HD Ready 1080p/24
  • Weight: 18Kgs
  • PC Compatible
  • Selectable Picture Format
  • IPS Alpha technology
  • Intelligent Scene Controller
  • Digital Noise Reduction

Panasonic TX32LZD80 IPS Alpha

The Panasonic TX32LZD80 incorporates a technology called IPS Alpha - the primary benefit is of sharp screen display and a very wide viewing angle. This maintains the high quality display even when viewed from wide angles

Panasonic TX32LZD80 Audio System

Audio system is provided by the V-Audio surround with BBE ViVA HD3D Sound. One of the most impressive 3d sound systems available - the sound is a distinct improvement on the previous equivilant models however as with the majority of LCD Tvs to hear the Panasonic TX32LZD80 at their best they need to be plugged into external speakers.

So what do people really think about the Panasonic TX32LZD80?

What Hifi awarded their 5 Star Award

"A fantastic 32 inch television in every respect build, looks, features, specification......"

Which Magazine - Best Buy

"Panasonic continues to produce exceptional TVs – and this sublime 32-inch HD-ready 1080p LCD is no exception......This is as good as flat-panel TVs get at present"

"I've had this TV for about 2 weeks, it's brilliant. The Freeview is great, very sharp picture 99% of the time with a little breakup every now and then but we're in a poor reception area. We used a Freeview set top box before and couldn't get any channels except BBC and the shopping ones." - SquareeyesTerri -Rest of Review here- (37" Panasonic TX37LZD80)


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