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Spons Price Guides are all professionally authored and the most accurate guide to construction price information available in the UK. Spon's Architect and Builders Price Book 2008 (known as A & B price guide) has been updated to produce the 2008 edition. Competition is growing fiercer throughout the industry particularly due to the house building and economic downturn combined with rising commodity prices - accurate price information is essential when producing tenders.

Spons Price Books have a unique Tender Index and checks against tenders are more valuable than ever before. Spon's Architect and Buiders Price Guide is the only book that gives you a detailed cost base which can allow adjustment for marker conditions that affect those all important building prices.

In this third edition of the Spon's 2008 price guide there have been three major changes.
  1. Sections have been rearranged to place much more emphasis on the Approximate Estimates Section
  2. List of useful websites with comparative proces is given at the end of the book.
  3. New section included on sustainability which includes some indicative costs.

Of course all the prices have been updated in the 2008 edition of Spons A & B Guide but this important update has also includes lots of additional items such as PVC wall linings; Rainscreen cladding; Resin-Bonded gravel; suspended ceilings; Self leveling screeds; Speedfit pipes and fittings; Tapered insulation boards; Windows refurbishment. In addition in the edition of Spons guide there is a further expansion of the Approximate expenses section.

All this combined with the standard features of Spon's Architect and Builders Price Book of 20,000 prices for most common specified items most with labour constant details. Nearly 600 pages of Works items both minor and major; hundreds of alternative material prices which can be easily substituted.. Plus property insurance and professional fees, useful formulae, design criteria and trade association contact details.

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Spons Price Guide 2008