The Big Fat Duck Cookbook

Big Fat duck cookbook

Published and produced by the Times book staff - it is often described as the greatest atlas in the world. It would be hard to argue with that assessment and indeed the quote from one of our greatest adventurers Sir Ranalph Fiennes -




' The ultimate starting point for planning any adventure or far and away the greatest book on earth.'

The Times Atlas of the World has over 300 pages of maps and illustrations - - in all over 544 pages - this latest edition includes over 20,000 updates from the previous release and includes all the latest geographical and geo-political changes.

An interesting update is the inclusion of abandoned settlements which represent an interetsing insight into how global warming affects the planet.

To browse through the Times Atlas of the World is a to take a trip across the planet - this hefty tome includes references to over 200,000 places across the planet.

This awe inspiring atlas is on special offer at Amazon books at the moment - check the latest price below for the latest edition of The Times Atlas of the World. This is the atlas used by government departments, scientific bodies - basically any one who needs information they can trust.

It truly is an amazing gift for anyone but remember this is not a book to go travelling with though - it is quite a size and pretty heavy. If you prefer something smaller have a look at some of the other Atlases listed below.

Goode's World Atlas

A smaller and more managable size than the Times World Atlas. Goodes still has over 350 pages and is well respected by geography students and academics. It also has a pronounciation index which is surprisingly useful. You can get Goodes World Atlas here.

Goodes World atlas


DK World Atlas

Produced by Dorling Kindersley this excellent atlas has a large print format which makes it easy to follow. It is also packed with lots of useful and interesting facts about places all over the world. It's fine for both adults and children. Click on the image to check prices and availability.

DK Atlas


All the Atlases above are excellent and will give hours of pleasure - although its much more expensive - it's difficult to beat the Times Atlas of the World though !