Michel Thomas French Course

Michel Thomas French Course

Michel Thomas is renowned for his unique 'no pain' methods of teaching languages and grammar to anyone. There are a variety of lesson and everyone should find a Michel Thomas French course to suit them.



All the courses are very informal and most take the format of Michel teaching some students and yo0u are in the classs alongside them. The method used in each Michel Thomas French course is a long way from the Ecoutez et Repetez boredom that many of us will remember from our school french classes.

Here's a sample of reviews for Michel Thomas Foundation French Course from Amazon.

C'est superbe!

' I'm a Spanish graduate and so Michel's teaching style really intrigues me. It is truly unique and extremely effective. You will find that you will remember almost all of the vocabulary without much effort - compared to a very low retention rate from traditional courses.. Mr MT Cosgrove'

Formidable! C'est une expérience qui vraiment inspire!

'I can't recommend it too highly. I imagine, though, that you'll be left wondering, as I was, why these language teaching methods aren't used in our schools. So much ability going to waste!

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The Michel Thomas Foundation Course is the best starting point if you have little French and this beginners course has over 8 hours of lesson designed to give you a great start and confidence in your new language.

The courses are designed to work without books or homework and they work as a standalone resource. There is no assumption of any language skills in the foundation courses other than ability to speak English.

Michel also received acclaim from the media -

"A great way to learn; it's fast and it lasts". (The Daily Telegraph )

"Five minutes into the first CD, you already feel like you're winning." (Time Out )

"Michel Thomas is a precious find indeed." (The Guardian )

"Thomas makes it simple" (Sunday Times )

"Michel's methods will teach you effectively and easily" (Daily Star )

Michel Thomas French course and his other language courses promise much to the often tired and repetitive world of language education.