GHD Hair Straightener Mk4

You'd think it would be quite simple wouldn't you ? Something that heats up and straightens hair - well if you've ever used hair straighteners - you'll know its far from simple.

GHD - (Good Hair Day) are renowned in the industry for producing professional hair straighteners. There are lots of reviews around the internet but we have brought some together here and access to more.

The comments are specifically for the MK4 were marked otherwise for other GHD hair straighteners.

GHD Hair Straightener - Positive Comments

"GHD Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners are the best straightener by far....does a brilliant job!

"Don't have a pair myself but my hairdresser's use ghd's all the time and they make my hair really smooth and straight.... Definitely gonna save up for them!

"I have naturally curly hair have tried lots but NOTHING has yet been able to tame and straighten it before these came along. Now i dont know how i would manage without them."

"Amazing, I have an afro and after 4 minutes - completely straight!"

"Ghd is the best hair straightener i have ever used & i have tried & tested them all! It gives the best perfect straight - so hair is left silky & it takes about 10 mintutes to straighten, & i can leave my hair like this up until the next wash a few days later. So you dont have to continually straighten hair as the perfect straight only stays with Ghd & i can assure you no other hair straightener does this. Now with the MK 4 styler this is fantastic because tongs never manage to curl, flick or wave hair properly bur the ghd styler does this in seconds giving luscious locks so curls look bouncy & waves look natural & perfect.
So this is the best buy ever. Money well spent. - Net Shopper Emma (GHD Mk4 review from Amazon)

Over all the GHD MK4 has literally hundreds of rave reviews. Almost completely the results are praised particularly if you have difficult to starighten hair. But there are certainly negative comments as well - here's a cross section of negative reviews.... to give you an idea of negative opinion on GHD MK4 Hair straighteners.


GHD Hair Straightener MK4 - Negative Comments

"I have extremely unmanageable hair, GHD's have been my saviour in the last couple of years but after killing off 2 pairs I need to look elsewhere (before they bankrupt or kill me). At just under a year the first pair started to spark around the lead joint and eventually went on fire." Jaqui UK .Read Full Review Here

I have curly hair and these straighteners had little effect. Perhaps the mini straighteners would have been more suitable for my bob but I wanted the latest technology. Ellen, London

"I was excited to buy my new Ghd straightener as for a long time i was using my ordinary ones. The result: After the first few times i used the GhDs, my hair looks terrible and dry!!! ........ and I'm so dissapointed that i spent a fortune for something that burns my hair!!!"

The positive comments and reviews far outweigh the negative ones all the negative comments seem to relate to one of the following

1) High cost of the GHD Mark 4.

2) Poor quality of GHD products - people who love them complain they have to keep buying new ones because they break down.

3) Customer service from GHD when problems with the GHD Mark 4.

4) Some people report that the heat damages their hair and recommend using a protective product prior to using.

If the negative reports put you off the GHD Mk4 Hair Straightener then check out the Diosa PH078 Straightener Reviews at Amazon below for an alternative.