Live Casino


Do you love Live Roulette Casinos ?

But hate those boring online casinos that feel like a computer game?

Well I do, the problem with playing games like roulette on a computer is theres never any atmosphere. The software is very good and the roulette very accurate but it's not the same as playing on a real wheel with a real croupier.

Well there's one place now you can play online, on a real casino wheel (European odds), with a real croupier alongside real gamblers.

Well very nearly - it's called DublinBet and it's absolutely amazing.


Here's a screenshot from the DublinBet online casino.

What you can see is a real casino in Fitzwilliam Street in Dublin. You place your bets at exactly the same time as the other punters and then watch the wheel spin. You'll see people winning, losing and even occasionally falling off their stool and being escorted off the premises !

These are results you can trust

Have you ever had that nagging feeling the computer is cheating when you play any online game? That single time you put a bundle on black and it comes up red now I'm pretty sure most online casinos don't cheat but it's still a computer program. Anyone who has ever played electronic slot machines knows how they can easily adjust payouts.


Here's the betting screen in Dublin Bets Roulette game - the live feed is in the top right corner after the croupier calls last bets the screen zooms in on the wheel.

They play all the standard rules and the wheel importantly is a European wheel with only one zero which gives you much better odds than the American wheel which has two.


It's just so much fun you have to try it

Just try out the free game it's so much fun and it needs no installation and the video feed is great quality. You actually feel like you're part of the game and of course as it's a real casino there's no question about the results - it's all down to the wheel and luck They are not computer generated, or recorded - they are actual real games being played in real time in the Fitzwilliam Street Casino in Dublin governed by the extremely stricts UK Gaming laws.

Can anyone play?

The free game is wonderful fun - try it here - you can start playing in a live roulette in seconds and there's no real software to download. Try it it's excellent fun and the blackjack against a real dealer is again in another league to computer simulations.


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