WOW Gold Making

You can have a fantastic time in Azeroth - if only I had more gold. How many times have I heard this - people ask me my secrets to WoW Gold making ? Well I can't claim I personally found any but I did play smart and invested a few bucks in the guides below. I've always been a big believer in playing smart in real life and games - endless farming for gold is boring, buying gold for cash could get my account banned so best to find how the rich guys got their money. The two guides below have different tactics and approaches but the common result is that you will make gold way quicker than anyone else in World of Warcraft - Wow Gold making made easy - either if these will save you endless hours of grinding.

Having an easy route to gold will spark new fun into World of Warcraft - if you've got stuck in an endless rut of gold farming the game will get boring - either of these guides will put the fun back into the game. Why - well simply WoW gold making will no longer be the focus of your game - you can get gold when you need it - quickly and efficiently.

I play World of Warcraft to have fun not take out a bloody mortgage on an epic mount and armour. world of warcraft moneyPay once for information to earn all the gold you need rather than shelling out cash for game gold sold by people who use these very same methods in the first place.

Anyway lets check out two of the best Wow gold Making guides. The first one is Warcraft Wealth by Wayne Williams - he's a well known character in World of Warcraft and also known as one of the richest guys in Warcraft.

Warcraft Wealth

Not only contains the core Warcraft money making guide but also comes with three bonus products which may be of value to you.

WoW gold making
  • Reference Guide - How to make lots of gold in World of Warcraft
  • Auction House - Video Guides on making gold quickly in the Auctions.
  • Mining Maps - Guides to the best Mining spots and how to secure them
  • World of Warcraft basics - an extra guide for beginners in Wow but even experienced players might learn something.

So what's in these guides - well the bonuses firstly - the Auction House guide is fantastic - if you've ever read any of these guides it's often some vague tactics - like buy low , sell high (well really duh !)- but with the videos Wayne shows exactly what is going on - I can honestly say there is stuff in this video guide I would never have dreamt of making money on in a million years on my own ! Video is easy to follow and pretty soon you could will be sitting on a stack of gold - thanks to these WoW Gold Making tips - extremely impressive stuff.

Mining Maps - these are excellent - the definitive guide to the best places to mine - plenty of screen captures show you exactly where you need to be to maximise your mining income. This is an excellent bonus and on it's own can make you lots of gold quickly. World of Warcraft basics - this is an excellent starter guide - although experienced players won't get much benefit from this bonus it's really well written and has lots of useful information.

The main package is the Reference Guide to World of Warcraft Money making - this covers nearly 60 pages and is packed with screen shots and step by step guides. There are all of Waynes best money making tactics and they are aligned with different playing styles so you can choose the best ones for you to make money whilst having fun as well. There are so many Wow Gold making tactics that work it will amaze you.

I would never have thought of these to be honest so thanks Wayne !!! My personal favourite is Wow Gold Making Guide 2probably the market control technique and the mining maps which are excellent.

You can check out the Waynes Guide for yourself here - Warcraft Wealth Method

Warcraft Millionaire

This is another of the most respected of the World of Warcraft Money making guides - created by Brad Johnson who is on the verge of becoming the games very first World of Warcraft millionaire (hmm is that a little sad ?). Anyway whatever you think of Brads choice of life goals the Warcraft Millionaire guides certainly deliver a lot of content. Let's see what he offers in his pack
  • Gold making guide - 1-60
  • Gold Making Guide 60-70
  • Daily Quests Guide
  • Limited Items Report
  • Grinding Guide
  • Auction House Domination
  • Premium Membership

The package certainly is extremely extensive - you have to believe his amazing claims are actually true. Many people have done investigations into his gold claims and certainly the amount of gold he has seems to be correct. His Wow Gold Making guides are well written and informative and you will slowly realise in World of Warcaft that there are many alternatives to follow some get you gold much more easily..

Making Gold Wow

Money making is a strange in that their is an exact path to follow for maximum rewards (ones that I mostly have previously managed to miss entirely!) Brad accepts that World of Warcraft requires a certain amount of grinding - but again there are ways to do this to maximise your gold. All the guides help you develop a strategy to maximise your return from your gaming sessions. To acquire one million gold is still going to take some time though !

One of the more impressive parts of the Warcraft Millionaire method is the fact that it is updated through a membership site so any updates and patches to the game will also be covered in updates to the millionaire method.

I guess the main selling point of this package is the simply the fact that Brad has amassed so much money through his efforts and is someone who has really worked on the most efficient ways of maximising in World of Warcraft money making. Check out the full details for the World or Warcraft Gold making scheme here - Warcraft Millionaire

Either of these packages will help you make serious money quickly in World of Warcraft and most of all help you escape from the WoW gold for sale merchants - unless you'd like to become one ! Out of the two I probably preferred Warcraft Wealth as the most simple to use and detailed guide - it has so many exact steps to follow to make several hundred gold quickly using stuff not seen in any other Wow Gold Making guide.