Real Online Roulette Gambling

Should you you play for fun or profit?

If like me you enjoy gambling then chances are that at some point you'll have visited a casino. I really love these places and have visited them all over the world. Now through the wonders of the Internet - you can now play real online roulette in the comfort of your own roulette gambling wheel

Ok so the experience of an online casino doesn't really compare exactly - you'll feel a bit of twit dressed up in your James Bond tuxedo at home playing at the kitchen table or with Eastenders on in background. Nevertheless it can be an extremely fun experience to play.

Real Online Roulette, odds and chance

When you visit a proper casino and play real roulette - there are certain things that you take for granted e.g. you know you will be at a disadvantage because the zero on the wheel ensures the bank has the advantage but remember the more slots on the wheel - the bigger your disadvantage - American roulette wheels generally have two '0's as well. Sometimes you have no choice but to play with an American wheel but never use one on the web, just click away if you see an American Roulette wheel. There is a much better chance of winning in real online roulette , if you use an European wheel with a single zero!

The main advantage though is your game is completely at the whim to the fickle finger of chance and luck. The spin of a roulette wheel is subject to so many random factors that the result (if not tampered with obviously) is completely unknown to both bank and player. You can use the stupidest casino system in the world but if you're lucky - you'll win !

The online casino though is operated through computer software and complicated algorithms - they will never be as completely random as real-life casinos. That's not to say it should affect the player - the pseudo random numbers that are generated are pretty close to being completely random. Your success still ultimately depends on the virtual spin of a online roulette 3 wheel gamblingwheel. If you pick a large respected online casino you'll be fine - an honest casino always makes money anyway whereas the merest sniff of a suspect algorithm can send an online casino out of business in days.

Watch out for suspicious tactics like a free play mode where you always seem to win though! I always try out the free game at an online casino first, if they are available - gives you a chance to learn the rules and get a feel for the wheel before risking any real money. Any decent online casino will offer this facility as well, you can find my favorite here at this site

Here's some things I look out for when choosing an online casino to play

  • Who is the Casino run by - is it a big respected name who you can trust
  • Does the Online Casino need to install any software for you to gamble - there's really no need for this nowadays - all the major roulette software runs under Flash in your browser
  • The chance to play any of the games for free - find out if they are fun and you can understand them
  • Does the site promote sensible gambling - things like age verification, self exclusion and controls for your spending - links to gambling help groups
  • What sorts of other games do they offer - sometimes you want a change - cna you play blackjack, poker and other games under the same account?
  • Also worth checking for sign on bonuses - for instance Virgin Games offer a 100% sign up bonus and match your initial deposit up a certain amount. You can get some sort of bonus at most casinos to give your online roulette gambling a boost to start.

    Personally I use two casino sites for my online gambling both are big respectable companies-

    Virgin Games

    Simply because it has the best software, choice of games and it's a name I trust.

    As far as all the standard online roulette gambling sites are concerned - I haven't seen anything better - mind you many of them use the same software as Virgin so you will find similar games at other casinos.

    Dublin Bet Casino

    But by far and away my favourite is a real online roulette game from these guys - Dublin Bet. I enjoy it because you feel part of the game, your playing a real game online, at a real casino. You are betting on actual spins just as everyone else is, so you can be sure you're not being manipulated by any computer program.

    What you will find with Dublin Bet casino is that the action is very much slower than a standard online roulette gambling but you do get a lot more atmosphere - it's the next best thing to playing in a real casino. You don't get all the fancy games on the live roulette obviously but you can see the action as it's streamed to your PC.

    Click Here or on the picture to the right - you can subscribe and play for fun against the real casino game that is happening now. Just select Preview and enter an email address and you can play for fun - it does need to install a Java applet to show the video stream though. Excellent fun !

    If you don't trust computer software this is the option you should choose - I personally enjoy it slightly more I think although the games aren't as varied as some of the fancier arcade style ones. To me it is much more exciting, and I very rarely play anything other than the real online roulette at this Casino (mind you I win more here so that might have something to do with it! .