New Online Casinos - two of the best


I love online Casinos but you have to be careful where you play - although they are quite rare there are some problem casinos online that if they won't actually rip you off - can have problems with support and paying your winnings. As a general rule look for a big name you have heard of and a professional well designed site. A professional, honest online Casino will always make money so there is no incentive to cheat punters except if you're running it from a throwaway web site using some old roulette game software.

Also be sensible playing whatever games you enjoy in online Casino's - some can be extremely fun but also addictive - always decide on a bankroll and stick to it - if you lose it walk away. If you lose too much money the fine line between entertainment gets crossed - it is a game and it should be fun.


online roulette games Virgin

Logically it sounds right surely a black must be 'due' but mathematically it is incorrect. Each spin is a completely independent event and all previous spins have no bearing on the next spin. This mathematical fallacy is also the basis of another very old roulette gambling system called the Martingale. I'm sure anyone who has ever been to a casino has heard this one - you put your stake on a 50/50 bet - maybe a red number coming up and then if you lose you keep doubling your stake until you win.

Of course Martingales has lots of followers but the existence of the extra '0' on the wheel (or two in American casinos) is just one of the many problems with this system. The other main issue is that to guarantee winning you would need almost infinite stake money. If you want to try it I suggest testing it one of the Casinos free games and keep a record of the virtual winnings - don't be surprised if you end up placing bets of several hundreds to win 10 back.

I enjoy online casinos in a different way they are much more relaxing and you don't feel intimidated. When you're looking for an online casino to play roulette or in fact any game make sure you choose a respected and known name. Most of the online Casinos in the UK are carefully regulated and audited - Price WaterHouse Coopers (PWC) used to do it I think.

3 wheel online rouletteThe main benefit in choosing a big name is you'll get all the latest online roulette games using the same software, the games will all be completely fair and their advantage will only come from the expected 'house edge' that comes in any of these game. These well run and big casinos will also have facilities and links for problem gamblers - such as the ability to self bar or limit your account.

There are many good online Casinos in the United Kingdom but the Virgin Games one is the best in my opinion - it has all the best games, latest software and online Roulette games - and the Virgin brand means you're going to get a fair game which you can trust.

At the moment they have a great promotion on for new players if you register and deposit any amount - they'll match the deposit up to £50 for free!

Here's my favourite online roulette game anywhere - the three wheel roulette - it's so much more fun that the single version but remember you triple your stakes. Try it out on the Virgin site there's a free version of every game they host so that you can try it out before risking any money.