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Qualcast Panther 30

Qualcast Panther 30


Qualcast Panther 30 Lawn Mower

The Qualcast Panther 30 Lawn Mower is a manual cylinder lawnmower which not surprisngly is one of the best sellng lawnmowers in the UK.

Qualcast Panther 30 Assembly

The lawnmower is fairly simple to put together which is not surprisng as it's a fairly simple and sturdy construction. The Qualcast Panther 30 has a 30 cms cutting diameter and a grassbox capacity of 30 litres.

It is very light and pretty compact and can be stored efficiently especially with the grassbox removed which clips off easily.

So how does this panther cut ?

The qualcast panther 30 Lawn mower has several variable cutting lengths which can modified easily - they vary from 12mm to 40 mms. The cylinder mower is very light and be moved around very easily - the cut is actually very good although it does struggle a little with damp grass.

The grass collecting box does a pretty good job - it is mounted on the rear and is designed so that the mower can cut right up to the edge of the blades.

One of the best things about this lawnmower is it's so light - you can easily pick up the panther with one hand and just run over the lawn quickly. The simple cutting design means there's very little that can go wrong with this mower and any problems can be fixed yourself.

Some Qualcast Panther 30 opinions

'Proof that the simplest solutions are the best,'

I bought this to replace a broken flymo.....Unless you have a large lawn this is far less work than trying to use any small powered mower. It's lighter to move around the garden, the grass cuttings are small enough that they can be left on the lawn without problems and there are no problems with cables getting in the way.....Qualcast Panther 30 gets 5 stars - J Brand

'Traditional is best'

Fed up with owning unreliable electric Flymo mowers I decided to purchase the Qualcast Panther 30...............so easy to use no messing around tripping over wires, just get it out and away you go, absolutely superb product. 5 Stars S F Hill.

The above are from the Amazon site - there are lots more reviews on the Qualcast Panther 30 on their site.

Here's a summary of the comments on this lawnmower.


  • Easy to use.
  • Very Lightweight
  • Good cut
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Keeps you fit
  • Reliable and simple
  • No trailing wires


  • Grass Box tends to fall off
  • Not great on long grass
  • Hard to cut right to edge
  • Doesn't catch all the grass clippings

As for Amazon their delivery and service is excellent - the price is generally the cheapest about - remember the free delivery and have your new Qualcast Panther 30 lawn mower delivered right to your front door.

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