Morphy Richards 48245

Morphy Richards 48245



Morphy Richards 48245

Can anyone think of a nicer smell than that of freshly baked bread from a Morphy Richards 48245? Not many I would imagine - sure have tried the manual method with limited success (here are some tips from a baking specialist if you want to try though) Breadmaking machines used to be frankly hopeless - you had to half the steps yourself and the results were almost always dissapointing. Things have changed a lot nowadays though - the Panasonic machines were excellent and for a while by far the best. Now at leasy Morphy Richards has started to produce a quality breadmaker to challenge.

First Impressions of the Morphy Richards 48245

This compact breadmaker is quite a neat size - dimensions are -30x36X28 in cms - the construction looks solid although I have to say I prefered the stainless steel look of its bigger brothers (e.g the Morphy Richards breadmaker 48268) but it's still a nice looking machine and seems well designed.

Most modern bread making machines nowadays have two main modes - normal and fastbake - however the Morphy Richards 48245 Compact version is missing this facility. The standard mode takes about three hours its all pretty much automatic once started- so it's not a real problem especially as you can still set the timer.

There is a timer built in which you can delay for up to 13 hours - the best bit about this you can time the machine to awake you with freshly baked bread for breakfast. There are two loaf sizes on the Morphy Richards 48245 and even three crust settings (light, medium and dark).

There is a little viewing window to allow you to see the bread baking - useful for checking when you're trying some experimental loaves. All in all the makes it is rather a nice breadmaker - it scored 76% in the latest Which Reviews - and they rated it as one of their BEST BUY Breadmakers..

With the continuing rise in food prices including fresh bread it is starting to look quite a good investment - a compact breadmaker like the cheapest Morphy Richards 48245 can be bought for under £40 and can soon pay for itself fairly quickly. Below we've listed some of the best deals available.






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