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Morphy Richards 48268 - fastbake

How I love the smell of fresh bread - I think we all do well it could be the Morphy Richards 48268 is the kitchen gadget you need.. For me it's a legacy from my childhood - still makes me think of my mums kitchen and big doorstep sandwiches. I've had some bad times with making bread though - being hopelessly disorganised the manual method has never really been an option (but try it here if you like). A few years ago I tried a couple of bread making machines and they were pretty hopeless and lots of hassle. Things have improved greatly since then - the Morphy Richards 48268 is supposed to be a another step forward.

First Impressions of the Morphy Richards 48268

The plush stainless steel of the Morphy Richards fastbake is rather nice - it certainly would look at home in a modern kitchen especially one with a smattering of stainless steel. The first thing you notice about the bread-maker is that it fairly heavy - about 5.5 kg - it's not too large though - 34cm talls and 35cm wide. The Morphy Richards breadmaker 48268 looks quite attractive and well designed.

As with most modern bread making machines -there are two main modes - normal and fastbake - the quicker setting makes a loaf in about an hour and a quarter. The normal mode takes a little under 3 hours however the Morphy Richards 48268 is pretty much automatic once started- so a little planning should allow the normal baking to be used if you're organised. Using the fastbake though seemed to produce fairly similar loafs though.

There is a timer built in which you can delay for up to 13 hours - the best bit about this you can time the machine to awake you with that lovely smell in the morning! It even has a special keep warm setting which will keep the bread from going soggy after the baking is complete. There are two loaf sizes on the Morphy Richards 48268 and even three crust settings for white bread.

You can make fruit loaves by adding fruit to the machine - you can set up the machine to beep when it is time to add the fruit ( as long as you're close enough to hear!)

There is a little viewing window to allow you to see the bread baking - useful for checking when you're trying some experimental loaves. All in all it is rather a nice breadmaker - it scored 76% in the latest Which Reviews - and they rated it as one of their BEST BUYs.

With the continuing rise in food processes including fresh bread it is starting to look quite a good investment - the cheapest Morphy Richards Fastbake 48628 can be bought for about £70 and can soon pay for itself if you eat an average amount of bread.The Best price on the Internet for the Fastbake seemed to be Amazon with Free delivery -there more reviews on their site below.

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