Hitachi L37X01

Hitachi L37X01 Front View

HItachi L37X01

Hitachi LCDs seem to have been out of the top sellers and ratings list for some time. They traditionally had a reputation for quality build and construction - I grew up watching a Hitachi TV at home for nearly twenty years - I don't expect current LCD Tvs to last that long. That reputation seemed to have been lost for some time - Hitachis were regularly slated for their poor build and quality in forums and discussions across the Internet.

The Hitachi L37X01 is hoping to change that trend - it's a nicely designed set - with sleek lines and a very wide viewing angle suited for most setups. The TV weighs in at 27kg and there is a nice solid feel to the set that inspires confidence.

It's very probably that a motorised stand is not on your essential list in your LCD Tv requirements but the Hitachi L37X01 has one built in. How much use a motorised stand is I'm not quite sure but occasionally it does have its uses - it's fun to play with though !


The Hitachi L37X01 has 3 HDMI sockets, full HD resolution and even 2 scart connectors which put it in the leading pack for connectors in this range especially if you consider the S-Video, PC and component input as well..

HItachi L37X01 Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 68 x 93 x 37
  • Panel resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • High Definition ready
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • HD Ready 1080p/24
  • Weight: 25 Kgs
  • PC Compatible
  • Selectable Picture Format
  • Integrated Freeview

So what do people really think about the Hitachi LX3701?

What Hifi awarded it 4 Stars

"A solid performer with a great specification at a fair price "

Which Magazine

"THe Hitachi L37X01 has plenty of sockets and is suitable for bluray and HD But the menus are over complicated and the sound is poor  "

We'll post more reviews on the L37X01 as they become available - in the meantime we've listed some of the other leading 37" LCD TVs in the Search box to the left - that you may wish to look at.

Best prices we could find for Hitachi L37X01 are below.

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