Pioneer PDP508XD

Pioneer PDP508XD front

Pioneer PDP508XD Plasma

When this plasma screen was first released it was described as virtually revolutionary. As many people know the true test of the definition of any screen is how it manages to display blacks - the Pioneer PDP508XD displays them fantastically well. The contrast ratio of this screen is 16:000 to 1 which helps deliver stunning, vivid colours which are very realistic.

What Hifi -Pioneer PDP508XD - 5 Stars

'...a picture so fabulous that words don't do it justice.....'

'you'll see detail in the film's dark scenes that no other telly even gets close to revealing''

HDTV test - Highly recommended

'the Pioneer PDP508XD still took my breath away with its inviting reference-level blacks and gorgeous colour palette'

'This Pioneer is the cream of a bunch of 8G Kuro plasmas that delivers class-leading picture quality.'

The PDP508XD has three HDMI inputs, 3 Scart sockets plus freeview and analogue and digital outputs. Plus it will accept the usual usb, S-video and composite connectors. The TV weighs in at 35kgs so if hanging on the wall you should ensure you buy proper mountings.

Currently the reviews for the Pioneer PDP508XD are pretty amazing - What Hifi and HDTV rate this plasma very highly. Although it has a resolution of 1365 x 768 - the picture exceeds HD plasmas - the experts are certainly not put off by this and the TV can accepts 1080p images just scaled.

The only negative review was on the Which site were the sound, SD quality and power consumption were criticised and hence the PDP 508XD was marked down. Although they had not completed a full test so this may be revised in September.

The Pioneer PDP508XD was rated highly but it is still one of the most expensive plasmas in this bracket so shop around. We have included some of the best deals on the internet on this page - check if stock is available though.

A full HD version of the Pioneer PDP508XD is due out very soon so prices for this version may fall.



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