Samsung PS50P96FD

Samsung PS50P96FD

Samsung PS50P96FD

The Samsung PS50P96FD looks very impressive - Samsung have often created beautiful looking screens but often the viewing experience has not been on the same level as the top manufacturers. This looks to be changing and this HD ready plasma has a qualty in the viewing experience as well as looks.. It is fairly new so there are a limit of reviews available but we have gathered some here for you.

What Hifi -Samsung PS50P96FD- 5 Stars

'...full bodied, vibrant images packed with detail.'

'Fast sporting action looks impressive Samsung - 5 stars'

HDTV test - Highly recommended

reviewed the Samsung PS50P96FD earlier this year.

They commented on it's excellent black level and shadow detail and also pointed out it's ' great for HD viewing'. They did state that the Samsung PS-50P96FD was poor for watching Standard definition (SD) broadcasts. Overall reasonable Samsung attempt at first full HD Plasma but had some flaws.

Which Magazine

Rated the Samsung PS50P96FD HD reproduction but they were not impressed with the sound and the Standard definition.

'impressive range of features but poor sound and energy consumption'


The Samsung PS50P96FD has three HDMI inputs, Scart sockets plus analogue and digital outputs on the back of the unit. Plus it has usb, S-video and composite on the also on the back of the display. The TV weighs in at a hefty 45kgs so if hanging on the wall you should be very careful and buy proper mountings.

Currently the reviews for the Samsung PS50P96FD are a little mixed - WHat Hifi rating with 5 stars and stating that it's excellent value for money compared with some of the other similar plasmas in this size. Both HDTV and Which though have pointed out the poor tuner and SD quality although with a TV this size there will always be some issues with SD if you're too close.

If you're primarily going to be using High definition sources with the Samsung PS50P96FD it could be a decent bargain as it was rated across the reviews for high def. If you expect to be watching normal definition and using the inbuilt sound - maybe you should look elsewhere.

Here's some of the Cheapest Retailers currently selling the Samsung PS50P96FD.



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