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Toshiba 47Z3030DB

The Toshiba 47Z3030DB is a very nice looking TV - it is part of Toshibas flagship range launched in 2007. The prices will inevitably fall as new ranges are released so expect the initial price of £1200 + to come down slightly. This Toshiba screen has a very sleek design and would grace any home.

What Hifi -Toshiba 47Z3030DB - 4 Stars

".Impressive sound; tidy styling;.sharp video images; vivid, balanced colours....This is a great set: ......... if not being the very best you can buy at this size...... If the price is right, we’d give it a long look..."

User Reviews

"I had been reviewing TV's for a few weeks on different websites. Found the Toshiba 47Z3030DB deal on Amazon and couldn't believe my eyes. Quickly checked out other site ratings and costs, £350 less than any other site and good reviews. GREAT SERVICE ALL ROUND and probably the BEST buying experience i've had."  - SquareEyes Amazon - read full review here.

"For the price, the Toshiba 47Z3030DB simply cannot be beaten. SD upscaling is very good (turn off noise reduction first) and full HD is extremely good. Black levels are pretty good only beaten by much more expensive models. 100Hz processing works well."

"Picture quality very good. Upscaling SD broadcasts is a real bonus. Stylish looking tv and with slim frame design even the 47" doesn't look too big for the living room."

"The Toshiba 47Z3030DB has a great picture with Blu-Ray and PS3, and a good image quality from built-in Freeview tuner too. Many connections, easy to set up."

The Toshiba 47Z3030DB is 1080p Full HD Ready, with a 16:9 format panel processing a screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. It has two Scart connectors and three HDMI inputs which is plenty for most requirements. It weighs about 26 kgs and has the following dimensions - (710mmx1132x147mm) so if you're fitting to the wall make sure you get a decent quality bracket for a 47" TV.

There are some great deals available at the moment on the Toshiba 47Z3030DB with savings of several hundred pounds currently however stocks don't often last long at these cheaper prices so you may have to shop around.

Cheapest Retailers are usually either Amazon or one of their partners. But here's a couple of other retailers worth checking out for the best Toshiba 47" LCD prices.

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