It's a problem for a lot of us - so many our children (and us) don't have room for a monitor and a TV - yet we want to connect lots of devices to a screen. Nowadays lots of the latest monitors have TV tuners built in - so it can run as a computer/Playstation/Xbox monitor and a TV all in the same device - they can be expensive but not so the LG M198WA.

We've gathered some of the reviews - good and bad on the LG M198WA from around the internet.

Good Reviews

"....I bought the LG M198WA because I needed a computer monitor with a larger resolution than I had with the ability to play my Wii on it.
I wasn't disappointed. I plugged in my computer via DVI-D and immidiately saw the improvement over my old monitor. 1440 by 900! Thank you very much. Also, the built-in TV tuner works great."

" i have now bought a total of three. that tells you how good they are, ......... great package of connections on the back, if you need to connect something, it will have the plug on the back!. A1 item, and Amazon is the best value by far on this! "

"Ordered the LG M198WA I wanted an LCD TV for the kitchen. Delivered within two days - great! Picture quality is excellent. NICAM Sound is good for a small TV"

"Received this TV for Xmas and it is fantastic. Brilliant picture, a shame about the sound.............. I did originally have it in 1080i for my xbox 360 but now use an xbox vga cable to receive a much better resolution setting of 768!! ......."

Not so Good Reviews

"I have added a bush freeview adaptor to the LG M198WA, picture is brill but the sound quality lets it down I will admit that I have not downloaded the disc too see if I can correct this."

"Just received the LG M198WA and the picture is excellent. It doesnt support true HD as its in between the 2 standards (720 and 1080) .......... Having said that the picture quality is really excellent, and although the headphone output is a bit shanked on mine, I'll still give it 5 for the picture, and a 1 for the sound quality, 4 over all, a real bargain"

So overall the reviews from the internet are pretty encouraging - positive reviews outnumber the negative about 25 to 1. The main issue of complaint seems to be the poor sound (although if you use external speakers on the LG M198WA it greatly improves).

It seems to be a pretty good buy from a quality electronics manufacturer - it has plenty of connector types (for a full list - click Technical features in Amazon specifications) which will allow you to plug most devices into the back (but remember it does not have a HDMI input)

Overall the LG M198WA is a bit of a bargain - 19" TV/Monitor for about the price of a standard monitor. There is a new version LG MW198WDP with a Digital TV tuner included for about £60 more - cheapest price was at Currys below at time of writing.

Cheapest Online Retailers for the LG M198WA are usually either Amazon who also have loads more reviews or one of their partners. But here's a couple of other retailers worth checking out for the best prices.