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We've all been there - you're happily printing away then your printer starts beeping toner low messages at you. No problem - then you slowly realise the costs of replacing all those coloured cartridges and realise you're facing a hefty bill for Lexmark C500 Toner cartridges !

This is what happens amongst printer manufacturers - they all are pretty happy to discount the prices of hardware because they are waiting to stitch you up on toner and toner cartridges. Over the years this has got more and more apparent which you can see with the cost of todays toners.

The Lexmark C500 Toner Cartridge cartridge is not built to be thrown away after one use - yet this is what the manufacturers want you to do - they usually run some eco-friendly return scheme - I don't think so - they just don't want you to renew the cartidge.. That toner low message means it has run out of ink - nothing else !

Do yourself and your wallet a favour and check out these guys - www.tonerpopup.co.uk - you can quickly and simply fill up your existing toner cartridge and save yourself about 50% of the costs.

Lexmark C500 Toner Refills

So how difficult is it to replace the ink in a toner cartridge ? Armed with much indignation with the rip off prices and the purported eco claims of these companies - send us your used cartridges for renewing - pah - I checked it out!

So what's involved with refilling your Lexmark C500 Toner cartridge ? Despite the manufacturers best efforts it isn't actually that difficult. Many toner cartridges used to have a little stopper which you opened and then you could refill - job done. Unfortunately most manufacturers didn't like this and removed the stopper - so now you have to make your own.

These guys supply you a kit (one off purchase about a tenner) which you can use on all toner catridges and a full set of instructions. I invested in a kit and a selection of ink for my various laser printers.

Brief summary

In your kit they supply you with everything you need to replace the ink in a Lexmark C500 Toner cartridge. The most important thing to do is closely follow the instructions and pretty soon you'll have a nice refilled Lexmark C500 Toner cartridge.

Basically as the nasty printer manufacturers have prevented you from the simple task of putting new ink into the cartridge by taking away the filler hole you have to create your own. Supplied with a Soldering iron with a specially shaped end , you let it heat up using the supplied egg timer :)

After this you push the soldering iron into the specified spot on the Lexmark C500 Toner cartridge and it creates a small hole. Then you shake the ink bottle supplied and gently pour in the new toner (its just like liquid when shaken). After this you stopper up the new refiller hole on your C500 Toner cartridge with a supplied plug.

Well that's it really - you just finish the other cartridges - it's very simple and if you are careful it's extremely easy to do. I had never used a soldering iron before and am not at my best with fiddly jobs but it really doesn't require any skill other than being careful and not spilling the ink !

The savings can be very certainly worthwhile - (depending on cartirdge up to 87%) and it really does make you feel better than chucking away all that manufacturered plastic just because it ran out of ink. As the company points all the components are designed for a much longer life than the volume of the Lexmark C500 toner cartridge.

The team at Tonertopup are extremely knowledgable about all toner cartridges and are helpful and honest. If you have any queries just drop them an email - they'll be happy to help.

Try the product selector below - you could save a lot of money - up to 87% and help the environment a little and reduce some landfill.

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