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Numatic HVR200

You can almost believe he's slightly more than a vacuum cleaner - Numatic Henry HVR200 Red Vacuum Cleaner ? Henry can be bought all over the place but his price often varies wildely - don't waste money paying over the odds - why pay more for the same product !

If you're looking at the cutest vacuum cleaner in the UK - you're probably fed up with fancy shiny, vacuum cleaners that look like they are from the space age but break down all the time. You're sure to have seen Henry at offices, building sites, shops in fact anywhere where high duty cleaning is required.

The Numatic HVR200 doesn't do anything too fancy - it just cleans, sucks up most things without any trouble. Henry is at home on most surfaces and boy is he tough. Many people report using the same Henry Numatic HVR200 for years and years. In this age of disposable and short-lived electrical equipment Henry is an untrendy enigma who just keeps on working!

The Numatic HVR200 is available from Amazon for around £85 but check the latest price here or from the link opposite. Amazon have free delivery and a no-fuss returns policy if required.

Numatic HVR200 Technical Details

  • High performance vacuum cleaner
  • 1200w motor
  • High efficiency filtration system
  • Folding carry handle
  • Simple to use Microflo dust bags
  • Unique rewind and storage system
  • Cleaning range: 31.8m
  • Hi/Low control on brush head
  • Robust construction
  • 9-litre capacity
  • Weight: 6.6kg
  • Dimensions: 340 x 340 x 370mm
  • Manufacturer's 2-year warranty - Numatic Henry HVR200

Here's some comments from satisfied Numatic Henry owners.

"Well, what can I say? This is my forth vac in the last 6 years, my latest being a Dyson upright (over twice the price of this), which was too heavy and tended to chew up my carpet. .........a superb all rounder and I think he's gonna be with me for a long long time.. - Max Mclaren....."

"The best cleaner I have ever bought.... I have since purchased one and it is brilliant! I have recommended it to all my friends. - Amazon Customer"

"Sheer Brilliance ...... Forget Dyson. Forget Hoover. Forget Nilfisk. Forget the rest. This is the best vacumn cleaner on the market."

To read the above reviews and many more on the Numatic HVR200 click here.

Other things you might need to know about Henry

Make sure you get the new 1200V version and not the old 1100V one as it is more powerful and has a handy HI/Lo switch for different surfaces.

Henry is made by a UK company called Numatic who were founded in Somerset in 1969. They created the Numatic HVR200 in 1981 which means that Henry is now 27 years old - he is a huge success all over Europe.

There are now over six million Numatic Henrys in use all over the world - you'll seem him everywhere on building sites, shops and offices.

Henry now has a female counterpart - Hetty HET200-22

Hetty has all the same features as Henry plus some extra ones - she's a bit more expensive than Henry though!

You can get a Numatic HVR200 in several colours apart from red - there are green, yellow and blue Henrys - usually cost a little more for some reason !