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It's always a difficult decision when you're looking for a new TV - they are not cheap and it's a difficult choice between cost and quality. If you've decided on a Panasonic 32" LCD you've definitely done your homework.

The Panasonic 32" LCD screens have been top of the pile for some time now having won awards and plaudits from all the HDTV and AV experts. The new range are the same all beautifully made, packed with the latest technology and producing stunning images. They are not the cheapest LCD screens about but they do offer excellent value if you buy from a competitively priced retailer. Beware the very cheap LCD screens you sometimes see piled high in your local supermarket - the picture quality can be truly abysmal.

Here we list some of the best current Panasonic 32" LCDs screens - these are a mix from the previous versions and the current crop. All the 32" screens have been given 5 star reviews but click out to the amazon site to check for prices and user reviews on each model.

Panasonic TX-32LXD85

This Panasonic 32 LCD model is from the last Panasonic range (the LX range) so it will be increasingly difficult to find. However it also had excellent reviews - WHICH rated it a best buy and HDTVorg said it was 'a very compelling buy' and a 92% rating. It's not quite full HD but will accept all HD inputs - on such a Panasonic 32" LCD screen whether you need Full HD resolution is debatable and actually if you're watching Standard Definition (SD) it will possibly look even better. It's build quality is excellent, picture crisp and clear - sound pretty good and looks a good buy at the moment - this LCD will not be around very long though and is liable to disaapear anytime soon so if you're looking for a bargain grab one quick.

Latest Panasonic 32 LCD Range

Panasonic TX-32LZD85

This is one of the latest Panasonic 32" LCD HDTV ranges and the successor to the LX model featured above. The Panasonic TX-32LZD85 has a higher resolution and offers full HD to display the full 1080 lines. This 32" Tv has also won its fair amount of awards - What Hifi gave it 4 stars and is impressed by it's level of detail. This 32" Panasonic LCD has improved speakers over the LZD80 and is probably one of the best sounding 32" LCD panels about- if you're planning on using a home theatre system though this is fairly pointless save yourself some money and but the Panasonic TX-32LZD80 below - if you're not it might be worthwhile as the improved sound is very noticeable.

Panasonic TX-32LZD80

This is the little brother of the TX-32LZD85 from the Panasonic 32" LCD HDTV range. The main difference is the '85 has improved speakers. This Panasonic LCD set is described by WHICH as just ablut the bext flat panel LCD screen you can buy currently and rated it a 'best buy'. If you want the lastest technology and intend to use a home theatre system - this should probably rank highly in your options. Although the built in sound is at least as good as most LCDs on the market. All these sets are using the same excellent digital processing system that has won so many accolades for Panasonic so you should great stunning HD and a great picture from all of them.


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