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Panasonic TX37LZD85

If you've read any reviews you've probably realised that the Panasonic TX37LZD85 is one of the most accomplished LCDs on the market? But after having done your research - you need to check out the prices carefully on this model - the difference between some retailers can be hundreds of pounds - don't waste your money on the same product !

This Panasonic is not the cheapest 37" set you can buy - far from it - but if there was ever an example of you get what you pay for here it is. As with all the range - the Panasonic TX37LZD85 is beautifully made.

The screen is Full HD and so picture is made up from 1080 horizontal lines instead of the lower resolution of the HD Ready sets. Remember though you will only get the benefit of this higher resolution when you're watching a picture generated from a High Definition source. Plug an Xbox, PS3 or Bluray into a Panasonic TX-37LZD85 and you'll see a stunning level of clarity and detail. So often you won't see this benefit but lots more HD sources are appearing with even the BBC joining in.

There are three HDMI connection which means you'll be able to plug in many HD sources with no problems. The set also has the usual other connection options including 2 scart sockets.

The premium you pay for the Panasonic TX37LZD85 over cheaper sets is it's almost unparalleled High definition picture - if you're not going to be watching or gaming in HD maybe look at cheaper sets.

What's the difference between the Panasonic TX37LZD85 and the LZD80?

It's probably worth pointing out the difference between the Panasonic TX37LZD85 and the slightly cheaper TX37LZD80 - both are superb sets but the cheaper model has inferior sound. The sound system in the TX37LZD85 has upgraded speakers which deliver probably the best sound in a 37" LCD on the market. If you're planning to use an external speaker system though this may not be worth it. The LZD85 also has a higher refresh rate with the 100Mhz Motion Picture pro system.

The Panasonic TX37LZD85 is an IPS Alpha panel which has a really wide viewing angle - which means the picture is just as good when you're not directly in front of the screen.

Also included is the Viera link system which allows you operate all other Panasonic equipment from the Tvs remote control. The Panasonic TX37LZD85 also has the incredibly useful SD slot which means you can take that little card out of your digital camera and watch all your photos directly on the LCD screen. If you take digital photographs its worth watching out for this feature as it really is useful.

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Check out the prices and other reviews at Amazon from the links on this page - usually the cheapest around for the Panasonic range with free delivery and a no-nonsense returns policy. Watch out for stocks running low - previous Panasonic ranges became very short in supply.



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