Philips LivingColors

The extraordinary Philips LivingColors Lamp is an amazing new concept in designer lighting. It is essentially a Lamp with four large LEDs at it's source - but this is no ordinary lamp - the Philips lamp is able to display over sixteen million different colours.

The concept behind the Philips LivingColors lamp is rooted both in our ancient history and in principles of Psychology. It has long been understood that colours can seriously affect our mood and even how we feel both mentally and physically. It is thought that the ancient egyptians actually used colours to help heal the sick.

So before we turn to the Philips Living Colours Lamp here's a quick run down of each colours supposed qualities and benefits.

Blue represents peace, harmony, unity, trust, truth, tranquility, calm, stability, confidence, cleanliness, order, loyalty, sky, water, cold, technology, and depression. It is said to be cool and soothing and again cited as having great healiing properties.

Green represents nature, environment, vigor, spring, health, good luck, renewal, youth, generosity, fertility, jealousy, inexperience, envy and misfortune - a setting for the Philips Livingcolors lamp if you need a bit of boost.

Purple represents spirituality, mystery, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, nobility, ceremony, mourning. Purple is often thought to encourage creativity.

Red is the warmest colour in the spectrum and the one we pay most attention to. It is associated with love, danger, strength, blood and speed. Red stimulates the emotions and some say can raise the blood pressure and make the heart beat faster. It is considered a luck colour in many societies - so maybe switch to red whilst watching the lottery draw!

Philips Living Colours Placement

The lamp brings you the opportunity to change your environment greatly by using different colours to suit your moods. Placement is important and can have a great effect on the results. Ideally the Philips LivingColors should be placed within 0.5 to 1m from a wall. It is extremely energy efficient and doesn't generate any heat at all unlike most lamps.

The remote control allows you to modify the hue, saturation and the light intensity to produce an almost infinite number of colors. The lamp really does have an impact on a room even in daylight the effect is quite marked. However obviously for a bigger room you would need more than one. You can set the lamp to cycle through colours automatically.

The Philips LivingColors lamp is quite expensive however it works terrrifically well and can really change the mood or ambience of a room at a touch of a button. It is without doubt an amazing product that is truly ground breaking.

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