Bosch power tools

Bosch PSR 300 LI Drill

Bosch Power Tools

Bosh power tools have an extensive range of powered devices from lawnmowers like the Bosch Rotak 43 Li to a full range of smaller hand power tools.

Bosch started producing Power tools about 70 years ago - it started with a desire to build electrical motors as small as possible and over the years Bosch Power tools division has fitted electrical motors to just about every power tool you can imagine! Currently the Bosch Power tool catalogue boasts over 100 different models - they make power tools for everyone from professionals to occasional DIYers.


Bosch quality and expertise can be seen in all their tools across the Bosch Power tools range. They offer performance capability, safety, environmental friendliness and durability - Bosh Power tools are used by the professionals.


Bosch Power tools Suppliers

There are many places you can buy Bosch Power tools - we have listed some of the bext merchants on this page. Primarily for their range and price of their Bosch Power tools catalogue.

DIY Tools has one of the largest ranges of Bosch tools in the UK. They also stock just about every other make you can think of plus anything you'd ever need for DIY - just have a look at their range - it's huge ! They also offer fast, free delivery on many products and a quibble free returns policy where you can return any item for a full refund for 14 days. If you are looking to purchase any sort of power tool - check their prices out first - excellent service and a great company.

Amazon is usually best known for Books, DVDs and Electronic Goods - however it also has a huge range of Bosch power tools. These are very competitively priced and most have free delivery.

Bosch AXT 2200 shredder

Bosch PBH 2200

Bosch Rotak 34

Bosch Rotak 40
Bosch Rotak 36

Amazon have particularly good prices for the more common Bosch Power tools such as lawnmowers and DIY drills and tools. If you're looking for something specific it's worth checking out the customers reviews on Bosch tools and their competitors.



Bosch Power Tools Equipment

If you have any problems finding the Bosh Power tool you require may we suggest you try the Northern Tool Equipment company link. They have huge range of professional tools and heavy duty equipment - they stock all the major Bosch Power tools and offer free delivery on selected items.


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