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Dyson DC14

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Dyson DC 20

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Dyson DC25 - Allergy cleaner

Dyson DC25


Dyson Animal DC Range

Dyson make a range of vacuum cleaners specially designed for pet owners. They have additional attachments and all are designed to provide all-round pet hair removal. The Dyson Animal DC range all have cyclone technology which provide strong suction power which will never clog and you have no bags to replace. To read customer reviews on each model click on the pictures to the left to read the Amazon reviews

Dyson Animal DC 14 Telescopic Reach

This Dyson DC 14 is one of the animal upright vacuum range, it doesn't clog or lose suction - it has brush control to allow the brush to be turned off for rugs and delicate floors. The Dyson Animal DC 14 has a mini-turbine head which is ideal for removing pet hairs and dirt from stairs, uphostelry and carpets. It is also approved for allergy suffers with a lifetime hospital level HEPA filter making it a very asthma friendly vacuum like all the animal range.

Dyson DC20 Stowaway Animal

This Dyson is also designed specifically for pet owners in mind. It has the British Allergy foundation seal of approval and contains the same clinical HEPA filter across most of the Dyson Animal DC Range. The tools all wrap around for neat storage and I particularly like the quick-draw telescope.

Dyson Animal DC23

The DC23 offers powerful all round pet hair removal -it's mini turbine head can removal pet and animal hair from all surfaces quickly and easily. The powerful root cyclone technology ensures the DC 23 doesn't clog.

Dyson Ball Animal DC25

The DC25 weighs only 7.2kgs and with its lifetine HEPA filter and no need for bags offers a powerful and economical vacuum for Pet and animal owners like all the Dyson Animal DC range. It has flexible steering and is very easy to manoeuvre like all the upright vacuums from Dyson.

So what exactly is a Hepa Filter?

Hepa filters consist of a mat of randomly arranged fibres - these filters can remove at least 99.7% of airborne particles that are .3 micrometers in diameter. These are the particles that are considered the most penetrating particle size. They are particluarly beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers because the HEPA filter traps pollen and dust mite faeces which are common causes of allergy and asthma symptoms. All vacuum cleaners which utilise HEPA filters require a more powerful motor in order to operate effectively.

The air that a Dyson vacuum cleaner expels is up to 150 times cleaner than the everyday air we breathe. Small particles like pollen and mold spores are captured in the filter making it certified asthma friendly. To seperate the air from the dirt the Dyson Animal DC uses centrifugal force included in their root cyclone technology - this means that no filter is used for actual dust and dirt particles and makes the Dyson a much more reliable cleaner which won't lose suction power.

For more Information on the Dyson Animal DC range - Visit the Dyson Home page here.

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