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Dyson DC15


Dyson DC15

Here are some real life reviews of the Dyson DC15 from the internet to help you decide on whether the Dyson DC15 is the vacuum cleaner for your.

Amazon User Dyson DC15 reviews

'..We’ve owned the Dyson DC15 for about 5 months now and we’re more than happy with it’s performance. When you first get a Dyson, the vacuuming doesn’t seem like a chore.............Dyson is a great vacuum cleaner that I doubt we’ll ever want to replace! Very highly recommended! - Chris Cardiff,

'I am now very glad that I finally got round to buying one and would recommend anyone considering it to do so....... This is especially true as this model caters for all types of flooring just by simply pressing a button.......The overall feel and quality of the vacuum cleaner is excellent and to be honest I have not really noticed any negative aspects to date' 5 Stars - mr Random.

"A little bit heavy"
got my Dyson Dc15 when it just came out so am not amused by the price it's offered for now firstly, if the wire was coiled it'd make life allot easier, it's not exactly light, the less need for having to lift it, the better
secondly, ............. the clear view dust container, gets dusty

There are many more reviews and versions of the Dyson DC15 Vacuum cleaner at Amazon - click the link below for best prices..

Which Magazine Reviewed the Dyson DC15

They rated it highly saying it was "Excellent on laminate and carpets and good with pet hair" They said it was easy to use and but not so good on floorboards and a bit noisy. - Rated Best Buy.

If we look at the user comments they are overall very favourable about the Dyson DC15 however there does seem to be some concern about the weight of this Vacuum cleaner. So how heavy is it - well its 15 kgs - if you're old like me that means nothing - it's 33lbs that might put it into perspective - about a couple of stone.

That's probably ok for most people but if weight is an issue there are a lot smaller vacuums around - do you have to carry this up any stairs ? Could you manage it? For instance this vacuum weighs 6.6 kgs -Numatic HVR200.

All personal choice but invariably the weight is often neglected by people buying vacuums - the Dyson DC15 is a great cleaner but it is heavier than many.

The Dyson DC15 is quite expensive but there are some good deals about - also all Dysons have a five year guarantee

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