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Vax V 028



Vax V 028 Rapide POwerjet

We live in a world of carpets - nearly everywhere is carpetted - and if you have a family like mine - pretty soon your floors don't look the same colour. Of course you can get someone in to clean the carpets occasionally - but this can very expensive - especially when you compare the cost of buying a carpet cleaner. Or you can hire a carpet cleaner - this is also surprisingly expensive - last time I was quote about £55 uncluding the cleaning fluid for 2 days. The cost of these cleaners is now dropping rapidly - it doesn't make much sense to pay out to hire when for the same cost you can buy one outright!

Vax V 028 Rapide Review

The Vax V 028 Rapide Powerjet has been about for a couple of years now but is consistently one of the best selling carpet washers on the market. It uses something called powerjet technology which fires little jets of water into the carpet fibres whilst at the same time a static brushbar loosens and lifts out the dirt.

There are two water tanks - a 4 litre one for the clean water and 1.5 litres for the dirty water. The water tanks hold enough for about one reasonable sized rooms but both clip off and are easy to refill and empty.

The Vax V 028 weighs about 11kgs and has a 7.5 meters cable - it has quite a wide cleaning path so is relatively quick and simple to use. It also comes with an upholstery tool and an extendable hose - which is useful for tighter corners and doing stair carpets and smaller spaces.


The Vax 0 28 Rapide Powerjet also comes with Vax carpet cleaner solution and a 12 month guarantee.

Vax V028 Rapide Powerjet Customer Reviews

"The Vax requires some minor assembly when you first remove it from the box,clipping the parts together and fitting some screws,it all takes less than 5 minutes.....Recommended to all who need a carpet cleaner at a reasonable price." SM Amazon review.

"Briliant Cleaner - The Vax V 028 carpet cleaner was a lot bigger than I expected and the user manual was not exactly user friendly. ......In practice the cleaner is excellent, removing some really stubborn stains. Would highly recommend."

"Vax V028 - great for family, really impressed but slightly ashamed at how much dirt it removed from my carpets the first time I tried it !!!" Val, Liverpool.

The Vax V 028 Rapide is available from the high street and from most Internet Electrical retailers - the MRRP is £129.99 but you should be able to get one much cheaper than that. Amazon sell it at nearly 50% less when they have stock in (but often sold out).



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