Vax V124

Vax V124

Vax V124 Carpet Washer

Carpets everywhere, go to most houses and the majority is carpetted - we and our children, pets tred on our carpets everyday. Not surprisingly they can get terribly dirty - but getting a carpet cleaning firm or renting a carpet cleaner is lots of hassle. Nowadays though you can buy your own carpet cleaner like the Vax V124 for a very reasonable price which is the equivilant of most rented cleaners.

Vax V124 Dual Upright Carpet Washer

Heated cleaning and spinscrub brush technology is combined with Vaxs Dual V air path technology to deliver the Vax V124 Carpet Washer. The V-124 applied heat and water directly to the carpet to deep clean and loossen stubborn dirt and stains., At the same time the 5 spinscrubs brush gently to further loosen the dirt to be sucked up.

The Vax V124 can be used quickly in emergencies - just needs to be plugged in and you can suck up spills before they stain. The Automix cleaning system will measure and mix the correct amounts of solution and water for the very best cleaning results.

There are two water tanks - a 3.7 litre one for the clean water and 3 litres for the dirty water. The water tanks hold enough for about one reasonable sized rooms but both clip off and the Vax V124 is easy to empty and refill.

The Vax V124 has a 2.3 meters cable - with fingertip controls.It comes with an Spinscrub hand tool ideal for uphostelry and stairs..

The Vax V-124 also comes with Vax carpet cleaner solution and a massive 6 year guarantee.

Vax V124 Amazon Customer reviews

" I had one of the old wash and vax machines which was good, but a pain to construct and hard work to use.
I used this new one to do part of my lounge which wasn't a particularly 'high traffic' area and the muck and dust bunnies that came out of the carpet was amazing! ........I would certainly say this is worth the money as I looked into getting my carpets cleaned by a professional and it would have cost nearly as much to have the whole house cleaned." Mrs R Welsby - Amazon.

'We've used the Vax V-124 once and the carpet came up really well. The machine took out loads of dirt.........Filling the clean water tank and emptying the dirty water from a separate tank was easy to do. The clincher when thinking about what to buy is the six year guarantee. '

The Vax V124 is available from the high street and from most Internet Electrical retailers - Amazon usually discount quite heavily - so worth checking their site. For lots more information and details on the excellent six years guarantee - visit the Vax site here.


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