lexmark c530 toner

Lexmark C530 Toner



Lexmark C530 Toner

My Lexmark C530 Laser printer is great - built in networking and fast print outs are exactly what I need. I bought a laser printer because I thought it would be more efficient and cheaper to run than forever replacing those tiny little ink cartridges.

How wrong could I have been ! The replacement cost for a single Lexmark 530 toner cartridge was about £60 and there are four of the things.

This is just how printer manufacturers work - they discount the prices of hardware because the profits toner cartridges are huge. Over the years this has got more and more apparent which you can see with the cost of Lexmark C530 Toner

But this behaviour is simply ridiculous - the toner cartridge for the C530 is not meant to be thrown away after one use - yet this is what they want you to do despite often running some pseudo eco-friendly return scheme -

So do yourself, the environment and your wallet a favour and check out these guys - www.tonerpopup.co.uk - you can quickly and simply fill up your existing cartridge and save yourself up to 87% of the costs.

Lexmark C530 Toner Refills

So how difficult is it to replace the ink in a Lexmark C530 cartridge? If you're fed up with the expense and even the purported eco claims of these companies -just try and see !

I can honestly say that it took me about 15 minutes to refill all my cartridges in my Lexmark C530N printer - it's extremely simple and my only problem was spilling a little of the ink when pouring it in.

Toner Topup supply you with full instructions for the Lexmark Toner cartridge. Also some toners have a little chip which stops the device working when it has printed so many copies - this is easily replaced. It's like fitting a chip that stops your car working after it's done 50,000 miles so you have to buy a new one !!!! Most of the lexmarks currently don't have these but check on the web site for your exact model and you'll find out what you need.

Brief summary of Lexmark C5300 Toner

In your kit they supply you with everything you need to replace the ink in a Lexmark C530 Printer . The most important thing to do is closely follow the instructions and pretty soon you'll have a nice refilled cartridge.

The savings are certainly worthwhile and it really does make you feel better than chucking away all that manufactured plastic just because it ran out of ink. As the company points all the components are designed for a much longer life than the volume of the toner - it's safer than refurbished cartridges as you don't disturb any components.

The team at Tonertopup seem to know just about everything about all toner cartridges and are extremely helpful and honest. If you have any queries about the Lexmark C530 Toner just drop them an email - they'll be happy to help and advise on whether you can top up your toner.

Try the product selector below - you really could save a lot of money - up to 87% and help the environment a little and reduce some landfill. Read more about the environmental benefits on the Tonertopup web site.

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