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Online Surf Protection

Until now true Anonymity on the internet was virtually impossible without huge expense for proxies and technical resources. But now that's all changed.

Don't be fooled by the simple - Hide your IP software or the programs that merely route all your surfing through the insecure and painfully slow free anonymous proxies.

Now there is a new program called Identity Cloaker which has brought real privacy within the reach of all of us.

With Identity Cloaker

  • Your logs at your ISP - will be unreadable by anyone
  • Military Grade Encryption will protect your browsing
  • Block Hackers and Identity Thieves and others spying on you
  • You can surf the internet completely invisible
  • Access web resources from fast, private servers across the world

This and much more is now possible and unlike other lesser privacy solutions can all happen at high speed. Using a growing private network of high speed secure proxies not only are you completely anonymous you suffer none of the slow speeds and restrictions of other programs.

To see how you can really surf through proxies with speed, encryption and privacy - try out the inexpensive trial version of Identity Cloaker for real surf protection not the false hope and slow speeds of the free anonymous proxies.

Identity Cloaker now has a 10 Day Trial for only EUR 4,97 (about $6)

anonymous surfing

Surf like a Ninja

When you start up you can choose a Proxy to use as your home - and from that point you will appear to come from that country. This is why you can use a different proxy as required - e.g access gambling sites from European proxies if you live in the States, watch the BBC or UK TV programs from outside the country.

Choose a particular country for your proxy as required or get the Identity Cloaker to switch country automatically every few minutes for extra security!

Don't kid yourself that a free anonymous proxy provides any protection because it doesn't - they are a trap for the gullible and misinformed and many of them are run by the very identity thieves to steal passwords and account names or blackmail the proxy users. You can read more about the issues and dangers here - Anonymous Proxies

Identity Cloaker is a security solution that is simply unlike anything available on the internet currently - with it your browsing and your identity is totally secure.

The code is small and portable so can be used via a USB stick or portable device and you can be secure wherever you surf.

Hide, Secure and Encrypt through private surf proxies - Total Surf Protection - with Identity Cloaker you simply cannot be more secure and anonymous online.