Samsung LE22S86

samsung LE22S86

Samsung LE22S86

The Samsung LE22S86 is one of Samsungs smaller TV sets - designed for bedroom, kitchen or a smaller lounge. As such it doesn't come equipped with lots of connections and support loads of input devices. What the Samsung LE22S86 does have is a quality finish like the rest of the range and side aligned speakers for improved audio.

Unfortunately there are very few reviews of the Samsung LE22S86 about and almost none from professional reviewers. Generally though Samsung get very good reviews for their smaller LCD TVs and lots of best value awards.

Amazon - Overall 5 stars

"...ok anyway .. the DIGIview has soo many different channels it amazing . just absolutely amazing !. ....... I have My TV hooked up as a 2nd PC monitor . a DVD player . an XBOX 360 seeing device . and as an orniment in my room . ." Mr Ibbotson, Amazon.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great TV, 7 Mar 2008 Had this TV for 3 weeks now without a problem......Christopher Kay (Notts)

Check Amazon site below for more consumer reviews. This page will be updated with the professional reviews for the Samsung LE-22S86 as they appear.

The Samsung LE22S86 has one HDMI input, one scart and a PC VGA input - which will probably be enough for a second television. It has plug and play installation and the LE22S86 has a gaming mode for better reponse times in PG/console games.

What's this DNIe on the Samsung LE22S86?

DNIe stands for Digital Natural Image engine - which has been developed by Samsung for use in their TVs. It's designed to enhance four key areas of the TVs display performance. It contains an algorithm which is supposed to analyse the source of the input signal and then convert it to the optimal output signal. The idea is that you get the best possible display from whatever input that you plug into your Samsung LE22S86.

The areas that DNIe operate on are as follows;

  • Motion Optimizer
  • Contrast Enhancer
  • Detail Enhancer
  • Color Optimizer

Sounds good - any drawbacks?

Possibly - the simple fact is that DNIe is manipulating the signal that you feed into the Samsung LE22S86 in order to produce the best display. Some people may not like this preferring to modify display settings and receiving a pure signal. It is also possible that the algorithm might make mistakes in certain scenes or displays and actually produce a worse picture theoretically - although in practice this may be unlikely.