Samsung Le40A656

Samsung LE40A656

Samsung Le40A656

The Samsung LE40A656 certainly looks the part - with it's beautiful "rose black" finish it stands out from the legions of silver and black LCD screens. Samsung have often created beautiful looking screens but often the performance has been slightly dissapointing. It is fairly new so there are a limit of reviews available but we have gathered some here for you.

What Hifi -Samsung LE40A656 - 5 Stars

"...contrasts are impressive: whites are bright and clean, and the Samsung produces impressively deep blacks (though they lack ultimate detail). Motion is handled confidently, too. ... ..... a well-specified flatscreen capable of great images and with a lot of aesthetic cachet, add this to your shortlist."

"Slick , elegant and crystal clear. Added advantage being USB 2.0 port that lets you connect your devices and play them directly" - Arnab Mitra (Amazon Review -Samsung LE40A656 A1 FX LCD (A1FX version)

HDTV test - Highly recommended

reviewed the Le40A656 earlier this month - stating that

"Almost every aspect that could be improved has been improved: black level is slightly deeper; shadow detail is more revealing; flesh tones are more realistic; standard-def video processing is better; and on-screen display navigation is a lot less sluggish."

Which Magazine

"Pros: Brand reliability, HD-ready 1080p, new design"

The Samsung LE40A656 has three HDMI inputs, two Scart sockets plus analogue and digital outputs on the back of the unit. Plus an additional HDMI input, usb, S-video and composite on the side of the LCD. It definately has a futuristic feel with touch screen panel on the front of the LCD plus the increasingly common picture support via media card /usb slot.

Currently all the reviews seem to point to the Samsung LE40A656 being a significant improvement in all areas on their previous range. Although it would be fair to say that the professional reviewers seem to still slightly favour the Panazonic TZ80 and Sony Bravia TVs - but only very slightly and the stunning good looks of the Samsung LE40686 are heavily in their favour.

The prices of LCD TVs are subject to heavy discounting in many cases - many hundreds of pounds differences over tradional high street retailers.

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Some Plasma Advantages

Choosing a Plasma or an LCD screen is fraught with difficulties - here are a few thoughts on when buying a Plasma screen like the Samsung LE40A656. They can only be opinions as there is variation between makes and models.

Plasma best for blacks - for displaying blacks and watching at night low light- you'll generally get a better viewing experience with plasma.

Viewing Angle - although LCD screens have improved - you'll generally get a wider viewing angle with a Plasma like the Samsung LE40A656

Depth Perception - 3D images and depth are generally displayed better on Plasma due to deeper pixel cell structure - LCDs rely more on lighting for depth.

These are just some but LCDs have plenty of advantages too which makes it so complicated - for example if you plan to use a computer or console a lot - generally a good LCD panel would be better than a Samsung LE40A656.