sony kdl20S3020

Sony KDL20S3020


Sony KDL20S3020

Sony KDL20S3020

You should be careful when purchasing a Sony KDL20S3020. There can be quite big price differences on the same model especially from the high street - typically up to £140 variance on this model - why pay more for the same television !

The Sony KDL20S3020 is a striking silver colour which most images don't really do justice (although it is available in other colours). This model also contains the Bravia Engine picture enhancement utilised in the very successful Bravia range. Also included is the Bravia Theatre Sync system which allows one-click control over your home entertainment system.

The unit has 1 HDMI inputs which can be used to easily connect to any HIgh Definition sources such as a Sony Blu-Ray player.

Other connectors available to the Sony KDL20S3020 are two scart sockets and the very useful PC socket for those who like to connect their PCs to the TV for games or media players.

Sony KDL20S3020 Picture

So what about the picture on the Sony KDL20S3020 ? It is powered by the Sony Bravia Engine so has the same picture processing software as Sony's high end LCD screens. Basically it enhances the contrasts when required, smooths motion in high action scenes to stop the blurring you often see in older LCDs. Another important function is to stop colour distortion - so that colours don't bleed into each other. The Sony KDL20S3020 is specified as a HD ready Screen.

Arrr HDTV or HD Ready - what does it mean for the Sony KDL20S3020 ??

There are many definitions around for these two terms but basically - HD Ready guarantees that the television will have the minimum Resolution (at least 1280x720) and connections available to watch HDTV. To ensure the highest digital resolution you need either a HDTV (with it's own HD tuner) or HD ready 1080P. Remember though screen resolution is no guarantee of picture quality and the higher resolution definition will be lost on smaller screens like the Sony KDL20S3020.

THe picture quality on the Sony KDL-20S3020 is extremely good - the clarity and depth of colours excellent.

The menu system and set up is very easy to use. The ability to connect a laptop or PC is extremely useful especially for watching DVDs and playing games.

THe Sony KDL20S30200 makes an excellent second TV for kitchen or bedroom, or main set for a smaller room. It is able to take advantage of HD inputs from the latest consoles and devices and benefits from the Award winning Bravia technology implemented in many TVs several times this price.

LCD TVs have often had as their weak spot - audio - mainly because in thin LCD panels there is simply no room for decent speakers. This is often not as important in a main LCD as you can use external speakers or a Home Theatre system. This is not really possible with the Sony KDL20S3020 which will often find it's home in a kitchen or a bedroom wall - but fear not the audio on this panel is extremely good considering it's size.

For further reviews and a selection of the cheapest prices - why not check out Amazon for more information on the Sony KDL20S3020