Sony KDL23B4050

Sony KDL-23B4050



Sony KDL23B4050

Before you buy a Sony KDL-23B4050 make sure you check out the best prices onthe internet there's no point paying over the odds for the same model especially on the high street - you can pay up to £120 more on this model - why pay more for the same product !

The Sony KDL23B4050 is one of Sonys premium range and therefore is driven by the award winning Bravia engine. You are assured of a stunning picture with this Sony 23" TV and it is great value for money.

SONY KDL23B4050 Technical Details

Portable LCD TV with easy to carry rear grip.

Sony KDL23B4050 has the integrated Bravia Engine Technology for enhanced depth, clarity and definition.

Bravia Theatre Sync for operating your TV and Home Theatre with one button

HD Ready for High definition signals e.g Platystation 3, Blu-Ray disk

1 x HDMI input for displaying High Definition signals

Built-in Digital TV (MPEG 2) terrestrial tuner (also receives analogue)

BBE ViVA high quality sound and built-in Virtual Dolby� creating the effect of full surround sound from only 2 front speakers

Audio Description compatible allowing for blind or partially sighted people to follow television programmes


This Sony makes a great second TV it's perfect for a bedroom or a games TV and the rear handle makes moving the LCD very easy. THe HDMI input socket means that you can plug in a bluray or PS3 device straight into the box and get the benefit of High Definition display on the Sony KDL23B4050

Some Handy HDTV phrases

When researching review sites for information about the Sony KDL23B4050 - you'll come across a series of terms which you might find confusing.

SDTV - Standard Definition TV - on older and standard TVs - picture displayed from 576 lines.

HDTV - High Definition TV - a new system designed to improve definition - uses approximately twice the number of lines to display more detail, colours, contrast etc.

HD Ready - means the TV definition has a minimum of 720 lines to receive and display a HD signal (720P or 1080I) (plus a minimum of 1 HDMI input)

HD Ready 1080p (or Full HD) -usually means that the TV has a high screen resolution of 1080 lines which means it can handle and display a 1080p signal and process it at 24 FPS - currently this is restricted to larger sets than the Sony KDL23B4050