Sony KDL26S3000

Sony KDL26S3000 Front View


Sony KDL26S3000

Sony KDL26S3000 Front View


Sony KDL26S3000

There are lots of great reasons to choose a Sony KDL26S3000 - but make sure you get the best price for this LCD screen. There are such large price differences on the same model especially on the high street - typically up to £170 variance on this model - make sure you check the cheapest online reatilers like Amazon to check their prices.!

The Sony KDL26S3000 is one of Sonys premium range and therefore is driven by the award winning Bravia engine.

The unit has 3 HDMI inputs which can be used to easily connect to any High Definition sources such as a Sony Blu-Ray player - the connections include 2 at the rear of the TV and one at the side. .

Other connectors available to the Sony KDL26S3000 are two scart sockets and the very useful VGA socket for those who like to connect their PCs to the TV for games or media players.

Sony KDL26S3000 Suggested Settings

Brightness 64/100
Contrast 61/100
Colour 62/100
Picture Standard
Sharpness 15/30
Backlight - 5/10
Colour Tone - Cool
Noise Reduction - Auto
Power Saving - Standard

Xross Media Bar

You may have heard of this new menu interface - the Xcross media bar has been used successfully on the PS3, PSP plus a few of Sony's mobile phone range prior to being installed on all of Sonys high end Bravia LCD TVs. It's basically an intuitive way to navigate on screen menus - it's best explained from the wiki -

"The interface features icons that are spread horizontally across the screen. Navigation moves the icons, instead of a cursor. These icons are used as categories to organize the options available to the user. When an icon is selected on the horizontal bar, several more appear vertically, above and below it (selectable by the up and down directions on a directional pad)."

S-Force Front Surround

Sound has often been a bit of a problem with LCDs - after all you can make everything slim and compact but to produce a decent sound you need proper speakers. The S-Force Surround sound works through two speakers on the front of the Sony KDL26S3000. It's actually does a pretty good job of delivering virtual surround sound through the front speakers - but if sound is very important to you this may not be sufficient - the sound is certainly far superior to many LCD TVs but may not be enough for HIfi buffs who will connect Home THeatre systems.


The Sony KDL26S3000 is an affordable and stylish LCD TV - at it's core is the award winning Sony Bravia engine which ensures a top quality picture and viewing experience. It's HD ready and the built in Freeview tuner means that the LCD ready for the switch over to digital broadcasting.

The KDL26S3000 has been one of Amazon's best sellling LCD TVs for several months now - check out the prices and reviews on their site. With free delivery and a no-nonsense returns policy it's a great place to buy the stylish Sony KDL26S3000.