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Sony KDL32D3000

The Sony KDL32D3000 is one of the biggest selling LCD televisions in the UK currently. It looks incredibly stylish - less glossy than many of its rivals. Reminded me how photos always use to look better in a matt finish.

It was very easy to set up however things get a little more complicated if you want to tweak some of the more advanced settings.

The KDL32D3000 uses a new technology called 24P true cinema which allows films to be shown at their true speed of 24 frames per second - apparently many TVs have to speed up to the 25fps of a standard TV. This is supposed to improve the quality and lessen distortion in the picture.



Sony KDL32D3000 Technical Details
  • Sony 32'' HD ready LCD TV
  • High performance LCD WXGA panel 1366 x 768
  • BRAVIA picture enhancement
  • Live colour creation
  • Integrated digital tuner
  • Surround sound
  • 3 x HDMI
  • 2 X scart
  • 1 x composite input
  • 1 X S+ composite video
  • PC input
  • VESA hole spacing compatible
  • Dynamic contrast
  • High frame rate
  • 10 bit panel
  • BRAVIA theatre sync



Sony KDL32D3000 Theatre Mode
The KDL32D3000 also has another feature called Sony theatre mode which automatically adjusts colour, brightness and contrast settings. The adjustments of the automatic light sensor are not to everyones taste though and mercifully can be turned off if required.

Sony KDL32D3000 Motionflow Technology
Combined with the Motionflow +100Hz technology designed to reduce stuttering in frames makes the KDL32D3000 a stunning television which handle high action films and sports particularly well. I'd thoroughly recommend you buy the Sony KDL32D3000 if you're looking for a beautiful 32" LCD packed with Sony's award winnning technology for a great price.

Sony KDL32D3000 Sample Settings
Of course optimum settings for the Sony KDLD32000 will alter depending on position, light and your personal preference. But try these to start and modify to suit your taste.

  • Brightness - 58/100
  • Contrast - 65/100
  • Colour - 52/100
  • Sharpness - 16/30

Take some time modifying these settings to suit your taste. If you buy a Sony KDL32D3000 it's worth getting all the settings correct.