Dyson DC24

Why must you be careful buying a Dyson DC24 Allfloors? Simply because there are such large price differences on the same model especially on the high street - typically up to £80 variance on this model - why pay more for the same product !

The Dyson DC24 is a tour de force of a Vacuum cleaner - it's stunning high tech looks reflect the incredible technology that is contained in this machine.

The machine uses Dysons patented Dyson ball technology - a completely new concept in Vacuum technology. Using root cyclone and core seperation technology the Dyson DC24 doesn't use bags or filters to capture the dust and dirt - they go straight into the Vacuums bin and hence there is never any loss of suction or power.

The Dyson DC24 weighs only 5.4 kgs and hence is easy to manouver and get around the whole house. There are no major running costs as both the filters that are used are both washable and should last a lifetime. The vacuum itself has a five years parts warranty direct from Dyson.

The stunning suction performance of the Dyson DC24 complete with a motorised brush bar to agitate the dust will get your floors sparkingly clean. Carpets, stairs or hardwood floors all will be cleaned effectively and efficiently by the Dyson DC24.

Dyson DC24 Stockists

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