Toshiba 37XV503DB

Toshiba 37XV503DB Front View

Toshiba 37XV503DB

It is advisable to be careful before purchasing a Toshiba 37XV503DB? Simply because there are such huge price differences on the same model especially shopping on the high street - don't pay more for the same product !

Toshiba have been well respected in the the HDTV arena for some time - they have a quality build and look stunning in any living room. The Regza range look likely to continue this success.

The 37" model - the The Toshiba 37XV503DB is the latest addition to the Toshiba REGZA range including it's innovative new picture processing technology- “Luma Sens” . Luma Sens is based on a sensor and expands on the clever dynamic contrast systems used my many LCD Tvs. What Luma Sens does is to detect the level of ambient light in the room and automatically adjust the brightness of the LCd brightness - this improves the picture and sharpness and also reduces the amount of power the TV uses.

The Toshiba 37XV503DB is 1080p Full HD ready, has a 16:9 format Panel and a screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Every screen size offers HD images with over 2 million pixels which makes it perfect for high definition broadcasts and up scaled DVD players.

Toshiba 37XV503DB Technical Details

  • Game mode
  • Panel resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • High Definition ready
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 18000:1
  • HD Ready 1080p/24
  • Active Vision LCD Picture Processing
  • PC Compatible
  • Selectable Picture Format
  • Luma Sens Light Sensor
  • Active Vision LCD Picture Processing
  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Audio Description

Toshiba 37XV503DB Audio Performance

This Toshiba TV represents a step forward in audio performance - an area where LCD TVs have often failed to deliver It uses something called SRS WOW audio technology to expand and elevate the standard stereo sound into huge proportions compared to the size of the speakers. It tricks your ears and delivers a clever surround sound - the Toshiba 37XV503DB really makes you feel the centre of the action especially in action movies and sports events.

Toshiba 37XV503DB Gamers System

An exciting new innovation for those of us who use our TVs to play games on. The Game mode reduces the use of picture processing technology used to enhance films and TV programmes. This results in a reduction in the delay between moving the joystick controller and screen response which can give you an edge in online high action games when playing on the Toshiba 37XV503DB.

So what do people really think about the Toshiba 37XV503DB?

What Hifi Magazine

"Good looking set with excellent blacks and good motion ......" (4 stars on 505 model)

Amazon User Reviews

"The TV is an excellent price the picture quality is amazing and the SRSWOW sound is more than enough for your average front room.....I ordered TV from Amazon and received it in less than 24hrs FANTASTIC SERVICE!!." - Chris Dalton -Rest of Review here-

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