Toshiba 42XV503DB Front Display

Toshiba 42XV503DB

Front View

Toshiba 42XV503DB

Why must you be careful buying a Toshiba 42XV503DB? Simply because there are such large price differences on the same model especially on the high street - why pay more for the same product !

The Toshiba 42XV503DB is the latest addition to the Toshiba REGZA range including it's innovative new picture processing technology- “Luma Sens”.Lum Sens is based on a sensor and expands on the clever dynamic contrast systems used my many LCD Tvs. What Luma Sens does on the Toshiba 42XV503DB is to detect the level of ambient light in the room and automatically adjust the brightness of the LCD brightness - this improves the picture and sharpness and also reduces the amount of power the TV uses.It detects the level of ambient light and adjusts the brightness levels of the LCD backlight. This should result in a perfect contrast on the screen whatever the lighting.

The unit has a built in freeview tuner and allows connections from three HDMI sockets plus two older standard scart sockets.

As with all the Regza range - the Toshiba 42XV503DB is HD ready. In addition other advanced features such as MPEG noise reduction and 8-BIT colour processing help produce vivid colours with increased definition compared to a standard LCD TV.

Toshiba 42XV503DB Side View

Toshiba 42XV503DB Side View

Toshiba 42XV503DB Technical Details

  • Screen format: 16:9
  • Panel resolution: 1920x1080p
  • High Definition ready
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 25,000:1
  • Active Vision LCD
  • Standard TV up-scaling
  • Brightness (cd/m�): 500
  • MPEG Noise Reduction
  • Selectable Picture Format
  • 3D Digital Comb Filter
  • Digital Noise Reduction

Toshiba 42XV503DB Audio System

Full range Nicam speakers built into the bottom of the frame produce impressive audio perfromance. The optional Bass Boost system allows you to recreate that deep cinema sound when you require it. I think you'll be impressed by the sound that is created from the small frame built speakers

Toshiba 42XV503DB Freeview Tuner

The built in Freeview tuner gives you access to high quality digital broadcasts through your aerial. Currently there are more than 40 freeview channels and the numbers growing. The digital channels are accessed through an easy to use menu interface which included programme summaries and lots of other features