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  • Be wary of SEO firms that send you email out of the blue.

  •  No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

  • Be careful if a company is secretive or won't clearly explain what they intend to do.

  • Make sure you're protected legally


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About Us

Privacy Policy

This site is hosted on a secure host and no email, addresses, contact details or any other information is stored on this site.

Any email you receive from this site is a response from a direct request or question we received from you. If you believe you have received unsolicited email from tihs domain please contact us immediately at or via the contact form.

Any information regarding the purchase of goods or services from this site is never stored or utlised in any way. Your information will never be shared or disclosed to any other party for any reason.

Your IP address is logged and we look at the server logs on occasion, but this is in an aggregate fashion for the purpose of determining why people come to visit us.

What we are most interested in specifically are two things: The websites that link to us and send traffic here, and what keywords people use to find us via search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Cookies

We don’t directly set cookies, but we do run a number of scripts from providers such as Google. Some of these set web browser cookies. Google in particular quietly collects a tremendous amount of data on your browsing habits, and we participate in that data collection

Commitment to Quality
We are a small company based in North Wales. Our consultants have worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. Primarily for large FTSE 100 companies and Governments. We bring both a professional attitude and a can do attitude.

NGB Consultancy is now focussing on utilising our skills to small/medium sized businesses. This change of focus is for a variety of reasons but our main focus is to bring a professional and realistic attitude to internet marketing to make your business successful.

It doesn't matter on the size of your budget - the principles of IT consultancy remain the same. Effective use of technology using the budget available to expand or make your business more efficient.

I strongly believe in investment in both IT and Search marketing - however this has to be done with proper planning and strategic goals. A small IT budget should be targetted where it can bring the biggest business benefits not wasted on needless expense.

Search Engine Optimisation

Whatever you want to call it - SEO, Search engine optimisation, internet marketing - the goal is simple. Bring long term growth and commercial success to your business. There are lots of inexpensive options to start leveraging the Internet - let us explore them with you. The Internet can bring massive benefits to small businesses - however it is not appropriate to all. We can help you make these choices.

Whether you run a small company just starting up on the web or want to expand and boost sales - optimising your 'shop window' and making your web site more accessible will always benefit.

We are also a small company and understand these issues - we have been successful in the IT arena for nearly twenty years.   We do this by combining our IT skills with a focussed business strategy and most important integrity.
Our Promise
How we do business and treat our customers has always been our number one priority.  Some businesses can benefit greatly from an extensive on-going search optimisation and promotion campaign - others simply need a spruce up of their layout and keywords.

If our services can't help you - we'll tell you !
This is most important to our company - we will only assist businesses we believe can genuinely benefit from our services. 

We can help with most Internet Marketing activities and virtually all technology projects. We are especially keen to work with smaller companies with limited budgets to help them grow and establiush a genuine partnership of trust.

Our business ideaology is focussed on this single statement.

If you are not happy - we do not want to be paid.