Internet Marketing FAQ

Here's a quick guide to some Buzzwords and phrases
that you may have come across.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

General term for optimising your web pages to acheive high rankings in the various search engines but usually focusses on the big three - Google, Yahoo and MSN.

On Page Optimisation

Refers to modifying your web pages to acheive the highest possible rankings. There are many things that influence your rankings for specific search rankings which you cam modify yourself to maximise the performance of your site.

Off Page Optimisation

Refers to what can be done to improve your web sites rankings without modifying the pages. Generally this is related to obtaining back links to your site.

Keyword Density

The amount of times your keywords are mentioned in your web page. This can affect your rankings for those keywords however they must be used in context and should not be overused. The optimum figure varies depending on search engine but is generally estimated between 4 and 7%.

Site Maps

Simple lists of the structure of you web site. Although they don't directly affect your search engine rankings it does ensure all pages are accessible and can be indexed.

ALT tag

The HTML tags which can include a description of a graphic or image. Can be used sparingly to improve keyword rankings.

Black Hat SEO

Refers to various techniques to trick the search engines into acheiving a higher ranking. Although some can be effective in the short term - there is a very high risk of being permantly excluded from the indexes (and hence search results). Don't use these techniques.


Pay per Click - Internet Marketing and advertising systems such as Google Adwords.



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