Becoming a Better SEO Article Writer in 3 Easy Steps

Article marketing is a very popular marketing technique among internet marketers. But the sad reality is that few marketers really understand or know how to write compelling and effective SEO articles. Most amateurs assume that article writing is easy. That’s not correct, but you can still learn how to do it, absolutely.

You can learn how to write articles that are easy to read. You can also find out how to write articles that drive traffic to your sites and offers.

Writing your own article marketing content is something you may enjoy doing, and you can do it. We’d like to share some proven methods that can only help you get the most out of your writing time.

SEO Article Writer Tips

But before we get to some tips about writing the articles themselves I’d like to reference the post title – SEO Article writer. This is important if you’re writing on the web to gain readers and traffic your articles must be based on keywords. The most important factor to consider is SEO, the title of your article should be targeted at a specific phrase. Do some research in the Google keyword tool, find out some keywords associated with your article subject and use them in your title and throughout the body of the article.

While you’re writing, just remember that 99% of online readers suffer from impatience and short attention spans. This means that not many of them are going to want to sit around reading for a long time. Keep the articles short. For article marketing purposes, you’ll want to keep it at about 400 words plus or minus – no more than 500. If you exceed that limit, generally, you’ll lose their attention unless it’s something extremely good. It’s fine to write as much as you want, but only if you know how to keep attention and are experienced.

Simple writing usually will win the day. You want to avoid alienating any readers, but your writing style does need a reasonable degree of formality. It’s not hard, just write effectively, simply, and use words that people will know and understand. This does not mean that you should “dumb it down.”

You are writing for a niche audience, so use language that is relevant to that niche. So just do that and avoid all the super formal language. If not, you risk losing your audience before they have a chance to discover you.

Construct some kind of article outline before you start banging away on the keyboard. If you do not have a lot of experience in writing your articles the outline will help you a lot. Simply write down the important points you want to make in the order that you want to make them. Put an introduction and conclusion on to your list and viola-you have an outline! If you do this, you’ll discover your focus is improved and your not wandering all over the place. More good news is you won’t need as much time to write your articles.

All online marketers should take the trouble to learn how to write articles. In time you can get comfortable with declaring your points to get those clicks. But, if article writing is not something you like to do, you can hire someone to do it for you. If you’re not there just yet, then you can just learn how to write effective articles that convert your offers. No need for undue stress, though. Very soon you’ll get it down.

Joe Simpson writes regularly on the SEO Target Marketing Blog