So Is Copywriting All That Difficult?

People who are new to IM seem to take copywriting for granted a lot of times. But you can’t really blame anyone for that because it does look kind of easy to write. However, very many people have discovered the truth about copywriting when they sit down to write it. It can be hard to write copy that will get the job done if you don’t have the knowledge to write good copy. This is why so many internet marketers outsource their copywriting to professionals. Even if you choose to do this, you should make sure that you know the basics of copywriting so that you understand what your copywriter is doing.

Headlines are, in some ways, the most important part of your copy. Readers see your headline first, and then make a split second decision to either read or not read the rest of the page. Inexperienced copywriters usually write the loudest and boldest headlines. They usually depend on devices like bold letters and exclamation points rather than coming up with a really good concept. When a reader sees a good headline, his attention is captured, he is curious and his mind is open to finding out about your offer. And all of this has to be accomplished in one sentence. Study the headlines of your competitors. Whose headlines compel you to read more? Which headlines cause you to turn away? Keep track of these things and use this knowledge when you create your own headlines. Break up your copy. It is commonly taught in writing classes that each paragraph should express one idea. This is true. Yet it’s also permitted to break one thought into several different paragraphs. If you are writing for internet surfers, you definitely should avoid using unbroken blocks of copy.

Breaking up long paragraphs into smaller ones will make your copy much more readable. In copywriting for the web it is okay to have a paragraph that is only a sentence or two. Shorter paragraphs will hold the readers’ attention longer.

When you change tactics on your sales page, put a headline into the text to help separate the ideas. By placing a large, bold headline in the middle of your page, you can introduce the next section of the sales letter and give readers a preview of it. This is also a good technique for grabbing the attention of “skimmers,” people who quickly browse the page before deciding whether or not to read it. Many website visitors will do this to decide if they want to read the whole page or click to another destination.

Words sell, and pretty much nothing else will. It’s your sales copy that really is the sun around which your business revolves. It’s not something you learn in one sitting, and it takes patience and work. It’s an individual decision, but if you never write it you’ll benefit from understanding what’s going on with your marketing efforts. If you cannot afford a copywriter, then you’ll have the ability to at least give it a good shot.

Jim writes the SEO Target Marketing blog with help from many guest writers who are all specialists in various areas of affiliate marketing, they all do this stuff full time !