Social Bookmarking and SEO

social bookmarking seoYou probably know about the social networks and the importance that social bookmarking is for SEO.  The search engines look for trust in web sites to push them up the ranking pages and this trust is gained from links to the pages themselves.  From websites, blogs, forums and just about anywhere the more places your site gets links from the better the traffic and the rewards.    Of course getting lots of links to your site is not as easy as it sounds, try mailing a few webmasters asking for links if you don’t believe me.   However there is one area where you can get links, links that are highly valued by the search engines and will even bring you traffic – these are the sites like Digg and  Stumble to name but a few.

The Role of Social Bookmarking in Your SEO Strategy

It’s true these sites play a huge part in a successful SEO strategy, and people who know how to leverage the power of these sites are reaping the rewards.   The problem is that to gain links from these sites, valuable links you need to get lots of them.  It’s no real use to log in to your own account and just bookmark your own sites.  These will have little effect on your rankings, know you need lots of links, lots of recommendations to start seeing benefits but believe me they are worth it.

So what do you do ?  Of course you could create hundreds of accounts and profiles and slowly bookmark your site and hundreds of others.  This is going to take forever and unfortunately if these all come from the same IP address at best your links will get ignored but more likely your accounts will get deleted.  You can invest in thousands of proxies and VPNS, certainly and you can also find quick IP address changers that work well like this –, they’re still a lot of trouble and cost money to maintain.

There is of course one obvious solution and that is to form big groups and arrange to bookmark each others web sites.  This actually works well, the problem is that it is very time consuming and also needs someone to ensure that everyone  sticks to their part of the deal.   It does work to an extent, but to be honest it becomes very time consuming and the effect diminishes in my experience.  There are a few firms who coordinate these groups and of course charge for the benefit. It’s something that I did for some time but gradually the time needed seemed to exceed the benefit so this particular form of Social bookmarking seo.

There is another option though and this system is nothing short of revolutionary,  I’ve been a member of this system since it started at the beginning of last year.  It’s an incredible system, that works extremely well and it’s called SocialADR , the system is completely automated.  You sign up to the selected social bookmarking sites, which takes a few minutes then submit the web pages you wish to be bookmarked.

You earn credits by sharing other peoples websites, but you just click share on ones you fancy and it’s done.  When your credits are in balance people will use the system to bookmark your websites.   Each click shares on 17 social networking sites automatically.  I have about 7500 links from this system and my sites are doing incredibly well (so well I gave up my day job earlier this year!.)

This is Social bookmarking SEO of the future, this system is so far ahead of anything else out there you’ll be stunned.  There is a basic version with limited shares which is free – Free Backlinks to Site;.   Check it out, truly incredible tool run by some really genuine people, if you get one the higher plans it basically is just set and forget – as far as social bookmarking tasks of SEO you’ve got it covered for whichever site you need.

I’ve found it particularly useful for some of my gambling sites, it’s quite tricky to get links for these sites – gambling seems to have some sort of seedy reputation online despite literally billions of people actively enjoying the pastime. These bookmarking sites are a handy source of links for such sites though and you tend to get a very positive effect especially if you spin the descriptions well.

At the end of the day the best social bookmarking is from thousands of different people, from thousands of different locations naturally linking to your site – but for sites never likely to go viral like this – these tools are an essential part of your Social bookmarking SEO toolkit.