The Affiliate Silver Bullet Program – A Quick Peek At The System

So many people see products that promise to be the ticket to massive online profits with hardly any work involved. Almost all of them are complete lies. You won’t find a business in which no work at all is required. But once in a while… well, the Affiliate Silver Bullet is a little different. At first glance the Affiliate Silver Bullet program looks like what every internet marketer dreams of: a ready made money making system that earns you money while you do nothing at all. But of course, as per usual, what this seems to be and what it really is are two different animals.

Lets first start with a little bit of information that applies to pretty much every product that is released and reviewed on the internet.   If you find a website starting with some combination of ‘affiliatesilverbullet’ in the domain name then you’re not going to get an unbiased review.  Simply because the domain has been bought with the specific aim of ranking for the name in the search engines by a marketer.  They are not going to go to that expense and trouble and tell you it’s hopeless, so take any review from  a website like that with a huge pinch of salt

First of all let me say that this product is not for people who are expecting instant return for no work, the ‘silver bullets’ you receive are quite detailed but they still require work.   You can think of them as perhaps mini-franchises, but remember lots of other people are also being handed these exact same directions and you are likely to come across them.   The people who work hardest as always will succeed from these sites.

Unlike most other automation programs, this system requires more than simply setting up a cookie cutter site. This system takes the marketing program a little bit further. It has put together a five part auto-responder series that will launch automatically upon a site visitor entering his information on the opt-in form. These series are already written for you and are based on the products you’re selling. You just have to wait for people to respond to the offers in the e-mails. If you choose, you can self host your websites and use Aweber for your responder series. This takes a little bit more work but it will give you control over the opt in information. This helps you build your list for future marketing efforts! The program was sold recently, and the new owners upgraded the system. For example, you can now add Aweber in the sites which is attractive to many marketers. You can have it hands-off if you choose to use complete automation with them. But you need to know that if you do not host these sites, then Affiliate Silver Bullet will manage and keep the optins for you.

Potential of Affiliate Silver Bullet Programme

You’ll pay them a monthly fee, but you’ll also be relinquishing your email lists, and they’ll also make money from their own email marketing. But are you interested to have more control, and have your emails lists?

The squeeze pages that come with the Affiliate Silver Bullet program are video pages. This can be quite a good thing, especially with affiliate marketing. Before they buy, people like to see how things work. The videos on these sites illustrate the products that you are selling -and you don’t have to make your own videos. They are all already produced and coded into the websites. Many internet marketers are finding that videos help sell their products better than text and writing do. With great production quality, these videos are very well done. They lend credibility to your site.

Would you like to make money online? Do you want to learn how to make money online but don’t know how to fund your education? The Affiliate Silver Bullet system can help you bridge the gap from student to professional. The program is designed based on a roll out business model. You learn a little bit at a time and because every part of your marketing program is already created for you, you just have to click “yes” and then wait for the profits to come in. You can simply study your own business while making money at the same time.

For all the newbies out there, this product has potential – you won’t make money instantly but it does guide you through the concepts of marketing a specific niche.  I suspect the people who adapt or change these niches slightly will be the ones who do best from them.  I have to say I’m a little undecided on this product, for many people it will be absolutely perfect and could easily become the springboard to success. Others  may be disappointed that it requires quite a bit of work to realise returns (although to be fair this is true with any systems).  The concept and the quality of materials is good though so you are getting a very decent package to implement.   Affiliate Silver Bullet could be the program for you and I suspect one month will be enough for you  to make that decision on whether to continue to invest.