The Worse Possible Start to your Online Money Making Career

I want to tell you about the worse possible thing (well in my opinion) that you can do at the beginning of your online efforts. Unfortunately it is what most people actually do. Obviously to make any money online you have to sell something, whether it’s a physical product, a service or some information and this is where the problem starts.

You see most people are not actually aware that ordinary people armed only with a computer, an internet connection and a desire to succeed could make money online. I have worked in IT all my life and most people there are completely unaware of the possibilities despite being well versed in all the technologies that underlie the internet. But when people do come across the possibility as I did nearly two years ago now, then their first contact will be with one of the many ‘get rich quick’, ‘make money while you sleep’ type products. These promise millions with minimal effort and are almost without exception a complete waste of money. But they get you into a mindset, they get you into a scene – a world of promoting other make money online products or some of the other mainstream affiliate marketing areas.

You know them selling useless books about running your car on water, losing pounds by eating some strange berry or making millions by following a two page ebook. Of course you can make money selling these things to the gullible online, but

a) would you want to ?
b) there are load of other people trying to do the same thing.

You’ll waste a huge amount of your life, trying to replicate a winning formula in these markets,. you’ll be competing with tens of thousands of people with more resources, more knowledge and skills in promoting these. However hard you work the end result is almost always the same – failure.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, you see the skills are the same, it’s just the market you need to think carefully about in your online money making career. Pick something you know about, pick something you understand – it doesn’t matter that it’s not a mainstream multi million industry, you’ll be surprised to learn how much money people make out of the most minority niches. Same goes for me, fortunately through a combination of luck and realisation – I started promoting a niche which I was interested in, had some knowledge of fairly early on. It took me away from the usual path of promoting the latest ‘big thing’ and started to make me money. When you make money, you can reinvest, buy the latest tools, outsource the boring stuff and the whole thing becomes much more simpler.

So stay away from promoting the pointless rip off stuff, choose something you’re interested in and find ways to promote that, they’re are ways to make money off just about anything online if you look around. Even if you just take your local area you can promote restaurants, hotels attractions or local businesses and make money out of it.