Which are the Must Have WordPress Plug-ins for Internet Marketers ?

If you have a wordpress blog and I’d be surprised if any serious Internet Marketer didn’t have at least one. Then you’ll slowly find out the essential tasks that must be done on these blogs, it can slowly become extremely time consuming.

It’s true that more and more internet marketers are starting to use the WordPress web publishing platform to create their websites. There’s no shortage of reasons to use WordPress in IM. There’s no charge to use it, and it’s a simple to customize and use. And there’s no need to be versed in things like CSS or HTML in order to make a great site. You can buy a nice theme, or template, but there are plenty of nice ones available for totally free. If there’s something specific you want to do, then you can do that with the help of plugins. There are so many plugins at your complete disposal that will help you with your online marketing. There are some plugins applicable and well-suited for IM, so let’s talk about some.

No IM marketer, or blog owner for that matter, should be without the FD Feedburner plugin. Feedburner is powerful, and this plugin will let translate your existing blog feed right into a Feedburner feed. Lots of people like RSS because site content is delivered to their desktop, and there’s no reason to go to the site. When you post new content to your site, your RSS feed will automatically update any subscribers, and they can check it out. People appreciate the convenience of RSS because it removes the need to go everywhere looking for updated content. Feedburner’s appeal is that it allow just about everybody to read feeds with it no matter what kind of reader is being used.

You probably can easily figure out what the Similar Posts plugin does. But what it actually does is put a link at the end of your posts to other posts on your site that are related. The goal behind this is to make your site sticky and compel visitors to remain there and read. This serves very well to maintain interest in your site. You never want to do something to destroy their natural curiosity.

Another excellent plugin lets your site subscribers get updates via text message, it’s called – oddly enough – SMS Text Message. Ok, first it uses an optin form that it places on your site. It’s easy to do this, visitors will simply optin with their cell phone number, and then it’s all set and they’ll get updates with text messages. This seems to be a novel way of keeping your subscribers aware of what’s going on. But we feel we have to warn you that this could take time to do because people may not be comfortable with opting-in with their phone numbers.

There’s so much that can be done with the WordPress CMS platform. Every day it is used by more and more internet marketers to manage the content of their various websites. A lot of people may think WordPress is only for non-commercial bloggers. But that’s just the wrong impression.

You can use this for any type of site and for any purpose. Also, you can configure it to do just about anything with all the plugins. For more useful tips and advice in the Internet marketing world please read the rest of my blog at
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