A Brief Review of TweetAttacks – Internet Marketing Tool

Do you utilize Twitter? What is it that you do with your Twitter? Do you have one so that you can keep up with buds? Do you use it for amusement? Have you ever thought about using Twitter to help you with your marketing efforts? More and more affiliate marketers and internet marketers are turning to Twitter as a promotional tool. Though some marketing gurus attain what they want to attain, typically there are just arguments over Twitter and how long it takes as a promotion tool. No one considered that making short Tweets and finding people to be your follower was so difficult. That was the reasoning behind making TweetAttacks: a way for affiliate and internet marketers to promote their goods and services on Twitter more easily.

Digging Deeper into TweetAttacks

You can use the Auto Retweeter function as a way to make it seem like you know all about the latest changes in your particular area of expertise. Auto Retweeter is something that’s offered with Tweet Attacks. It selects Tweets made with particular hash tags or key words and will retweet them for you. This gives the illusion that you are Tweeting in Twitter, though you don’t have to be close to a computer. It is the perfect implement for saving valuable time and for keeping up with the people who follow you. The TweetAttacks software comes with a useful tool called the auto follower mechanism. Auto following others is a great way to save time. Most of the time people aren’t reading tweets from other people they follow on Twitter. It is spent looking for new people to read. Finding people to follow and trying to get people’s attention can consume a lot of time. The fact that TweetAttacks finds people to follow who are interested in your products is a great saver of time. Having a lot of people you follow also makes it seem as though you are very active within the Twitter community, and, of course, you are.

TweetAttacks also offers users a tweet scraper. A tweet scraper composes your own tweets, thus saving you hours. The tweet scraper finds tweets from others that might be interesting within your field of study and puts them under your account. You’ll want to be careful, though. Some people dislike this and if you are discovered you could be banned from Twitter. The fact is that tweet scraping, while a time saver is a spammy thing to do. Tread carefully.

In order to make things flow a little smoother for you, TweetAttacks was made. Many people want to be able to use Twitter as a powerful internet tool, but they just don’t have the time that it takes to commit to promoting their products and services. TweetAttacks wants to create a solution for this dilemma. Instead of fiddling with your Twitter account, TweetAttacks will allow you to promote your goods and services extensively especially combined with standard IM tactics such as SEO target marketing.