Using Social Bookmarking – In Plain English Can it Promote Your Business?

As you well know, the ability to attract visitors to your website will basically mean either life or death to your business.

It’s amazing that there are so many different methods for generating traffic, but you need to be careful because they produce results for varying amounts of time. But as you know, probably, when the whole Web 2.0 phenomena happened it changed everything, forever. There was no questioning the value and impact of social bookmarking sites along with their attendant communities. They were what the world was waiting for, and the people and content they’ve amassed is incredible. But in plain english can you use social bookmarking to promote your business? Once online marketers realized what was going on, they quickly figured out they could drive traffic by submitting content to these sites. This worked very well and these sites started to receive massive visitors, which is what webmasters are using even today. We want to share some more insights about these bookmarking sites and offer some suggestions on how to engage them in your business.

With social bookmarking sites, it’s necessary that you become an active participant if you want to get the benefits. Depending on the policies of the particular site, you should reach out to people in as many ways as you can think of. You will usually find that social bookmarking sites offer many diverse ways for users to participate, as this is what supports the services and allows them to grow. By getting a large number of friends on a site, you can begin sharing bookmarks with people. Apart from this, bookmark, comment and tag the other users’ bookmarks. It’s all about being a good netizen and helping the community, which not only adds credibility but also eventually gives you the traffic that you need. You’ll have the most success at these sites if you avoid blatant marketing of yourself. If you’re there for long term marketing, etc, then you’ll need to avoid this behavior because people don’t approve of it. It’s fine to submit your content, you should, but just avoid submitting bad content because it won’t work out well. All these sites follow a quality standard that you need to follow and each of them have it laid out differently. And of course when you’re there always take the time to vote for content that is not yours. You’ll be appreciated more for adding more value and quality to their website. So all of that will give you a solid understanding and you’ll be building your reputation and spreading goodness.

You can get a lot of bookmarks by finding others who want to get their pages bookmarks and swap bookmarks with them. There are sites and services that you can find by Googling where people meet who are willing to exchange bookmarks. You can then make an offer to bookmark another person’s pages if they will do the same for you. If you want to make some fast progress with bookmarking you can try this strategy, which works on the same principle as a link exchange. While there is nothing unethical about doing this, not everyone considers it strictly “white hat,” so be sure that anyone you discuss it with is going to be comfortable with it. In general, you can leverage social bookmarking sites to get more traffic and make your search engine rank higher as well. Just keep the above tips in mind when you start on your bookmarking venture and make sure you avoid any common mistakes that would waste your efforts. Just take the time to do your research before taking action.

Social bookmarking websites can be used in quite a few powerful ways for internet marketing purposes. Always be sure to think in terms of quality rather than quantity, and that will help you a lot. Keep your headings and descriptions unique and make them stand out. The amount of traffic you get from the social bookmarking sites isn’t always predictable but it can be significant.

So in plain English can social bookmarking be part of an internet marketers toolkit – the answer is certainly however there is a caveat to this, to see results you need to submit your content to these sites regularly and get other users to rate and read you submissions before they sink out of site. As always Internet marketers have found ways to increase their chances and automate some of these processes. So far I have only found two that actually work properly and I’ll mention one briefly today.

It’s called SocialAdr and it’s without doubt the most advanced Social Bookmarking tool in existence currently. The idea is simple, you submit your web pages, blog posts or articles to the system and then the server goes out and bookmarks them at the top sites. Then people earn credits by rating and bookmarking those posts as well, this creates multiple backlinks to your site, improves the strength of your submission and better still this is all generated by other people linking to your website. SO you gain power from other social bookmarking accounts, a credit system ensures that everyone has to keep promoting other peoples bookmarks and sites which makes it look much more natural to the search engines. Anyway don’t take my word for it – try the free system of SocialAdr out – I can guarantee there is nothing else out there currently like this – create thousands of social bookmarking backlinks