Social Bookmarking Sites and SEO

If you’ve studied any Search engine optimisation techniques at all, you should have learnt about the importance of building links to your web sites. A link pointing to your website is a ‘vote of confidence’ in the eyes of the search engines. There are some very important links I want to tell you about and the role of social bookmarking sites in SEO.

You’ll see may different people telling you what sort of links to get, and there is no doubt that some are much more powerful than others. But basically the more links you get the better, and social bookmarking links are easy to get and usually have a powerful benefit on your rankings. This used to be quite easy, sign up for a bunch of accounts and then bookmark your own sites and all the pages. Unfortunately this doesn’t work anymore, build links from the same accounts, same IP addresses well at best you’ll just be wasting your time. You see you need other people to bookmark your site but obviously this isn’t quite as simple.

But of course use Internet marketers are a resourceful bunch, methods were devised mostly groups of people set up to agree to bookmark each others web sites. Unfortunately these rarely worked for long, people stopped bookmarking other people sites or groups fell apart – it also took a very long time. I was a member of several of these groups and now I’m only in two such systems and I want to tell you about the very best of these.

SocialAdr is a unique system, there is nothing like it on the market at all at the moment. It’s been developed over the last 12 months or so and now is one of the most powerful SEO tools in existence. SocialADR leverages the power of the social bookmarking sites to boost whichever website you like.

Social Bookmarking System for SEO

Here is a quick look at the interface,  it’s slick and well programmed and unlike 99% of all Internet Marketing tools pretty much bug free !

The system works like this, you set up accounts at currently 19 social bookmarking sites and put them into the system.  It’s all done within the interface and takes a minute or so for each one.    From this point this is the only interaction you have with these sites, it’s all done through Social Adr is powerful back end servers from now.

You can then earn credits by bookmarking other peoples web sites, you simple click on the share button next to a website and you create a bookmark on all the accounts you created.  You earn a credit for each one you share and the system keeps a count of these credits.

You are then able to add your own websites into the system, select a page you want to get links to, type up a description and then other users will share your bookmarks.   The beauty of this system is that the links you receive are from other peoples accounts, each time one of your bookmarks is shared then some credits are deducted from your total.  You earn more credits by sharing other people sites again – how many credits (and thus how many links you get) is dependent on which plan you subscribe to.

Having used lots of different internet marketing tools, I can’t stress enough what a class act this is.   The interface is simple and easy to use, all functions take a matter of seconds – you can create literally thousands of backlinks to your sites with virtually no effort.    A latest and vital introduction to the system is it’s ability to support spin syntax.   This basically allows you to vary the text and keyword tags that are assigned to each boookmark making your links back more unique and natural looking.

It’s a truly powerful internet marketing tool, and one of the few that delivers a real punch with virtually no effort.  Any serious internet marketer needs to have a look at this system, try out the free account level you’ll get a chance to see how the interface works and earn some simple back links for nothing – Social Adr