What another Loophole – Profit Loophole Review

Dave Kelly is an internet marketing expert whose previous programs, Authority Loophole and MSN Loophole have helped many people to profit online. These products all did some of what they promised and more, usually leaving nothing out. His most recent product, is called the Profit Loophole and it’s a course on how to succeed at site flipping by building profitable websites and selling them. This course is based on Dave’s own considerable experience at site flipping, so the material is based on practical and tested methods. He covers the entire process, from creating a site to bringing traffic to it and making it profitable so that you can get a good price when you sell it. Many people have tried this business model, but the majority of them have failed. We can be glad that Dave decided to release this product and show people how they can succeed at this. In this review, we’ll be looking more closely at Profit Loophole to see what you can gain from it.

Profit Loophole gives you a systematic plan to develop targeted niche websites that will give you a good ROI or return on your investment in the future. The website buying and selling market is always full of entrepreneurs who want to buy a profitable site and this course will show you how to get into this exact market and earn the big money you want. The course hands you every strategy you need to create sites until you start earning a nice income from them for four to five months and then put them up for sale. This course teaches you how to make a mark for yourself in this market as well as giving you a long term business strategy.

You can find all kinds of ways to make some cash on the web, but one solid and lasting method certainly would be flipping websites. Even though site flipping isn’t new, Dave gives you a fresh perspective and the latest techniques to succeed with it. You’ll also be shown the major mistakes and pitfalls that trip-up so many other marketers.

So do you have a genuine opportunity to build a long-term online business with this model?

Profit Loophole, then, delivers an all-inclusive system for running a profitable, long term business by building and selling websites. Currently, many people are interested in website flipping, and this is a way you can profit from this trend. There is still not much awareness about how profitable site flipping can be, so there are still ample opportunities to enter this market. If you were to use the Profit Loophole system to create several websites each month, you’d eventually have a steady stream of profits coming in. As these sites get created, you just need to build traffic to them and make them profitable so that they can be sold in a few months time.

In summation, Profit Loophole is a total site flipping course that teaches students how to build a business and make it successful. Is the effort worth it, in my opinion it’s a model that could work to raise cash in the short term. Selling these websites consistently for the returns mentioned in my opinion would be difficult, creation of new web sites is becoming easier and easier so the perceived value of them is also falling. It’s simple to cite example of a few websites fetching X amount, but remember you have to keep getting those returns month after month.

Maybe it’s just me but the only way making income out of flipping websites that appeals to me – is selling a course explaining how to do it. I suggest there are way easier ways to make money online than creating this web flipping treadmill. Personally I’d rather create web sites and use SEO Marketing to create income creating web sites or even just web pages, flip your web site and you’ve got a few bucks in your pocket but no ongoing income. Flipping websites always appears real hard monotonous work to me, with no passive income – in fact pretty much a regular job. But if it’s for you – you can read more here – Profit Loophole, if you are looking for a blueprint and one that does produce hands-off income I’d have a look at Affiliate Silver Bullet to be honest although this does require a lot of work to get going.